Sci-Fi Audio Sitcom The Future Boys: New Episodes!

❉  Fund the live recording and digital release of 2 new episodes of Steve Jordan’s science fiction audio sitcom.

 ‘Steve Jordan has created a wonderfully silly and comic sci-fi universe that, with all its nods and winks to other works, stands very much on its own two feet.’ – Camden Fringe Voyeur.

Following three successful stage plays based on the characters, and a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 to bring the Future Boys to a new medium and a wider audience the first 2 episodes of new science fiction audio sitcom ‘The Future Boys’ are now available as a free-to-download podcast via iTunes and SoundCloud!

The show is about two petty criminals, Tyler and Gary, who are blackmailed by an old enemy into stealing an array of artefacts, hidden around the galaxy. The show is written, directed and created by Steve Jordan, starring Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn, with Emma Stirling and Robert Dearn, and produced by Ellen Gallagher for Bad Bat Productions. Both episodes were recorded in front of a live audience at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Bad Bat Productions are now raising funds via Kickstarter for new episodes.

“‘The Future Boys’ is a passion project of mine. My taste in comedy has always been rooted in 80s and 90s alternative British comedy, and there isn’t so much of that irreverent, gleefully rebellious stuff out there anymore. The Future Boys plays have been compared by critics to ‘Blackadder’, ‘Bottom’, ‘Black Books’, ‘Men Behaving Badly’, ‘Red Dwarf’, even ‘Doctor Who’ – all incredible compliments. I want to make this series for people like me who miss this stuff and want to see (or in this case, to hear) a fresh take on it – if you’re one of those people, we need your support to make this happen.”

Steve Jordan – Writer, Director, Producer

The goal of this Kickstarter project is to fund the recording of two 30-minute audio episodes (Episodes 3 & 4 of the series) in front of a live audience in a theatre in London, and to release these episodes online – every person who backs this project will be able to download 2 new episodes of the series. Unlike episodes 1 & 2, that were released on iTunes for free, episodes 3 & 4 will only be available to the backers of this new Kickstarter, and then available purchase for a small fee for those who missed out on the Kickstarter.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase rewards packages that include tickets to the live recording, signed posters, t-shirts and other cool stuff! The show will be recorded on a single evening, April 25th 2019, at the Museum of Comedy in London’s West End.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the series are available to download for free NOW on iTunes

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