Writers Guidelines

Interested in becoming an active part of We Are Cult? Read on!

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We Are Cult is a welcoming home for fans of all genres and media, and we are interested in articles, reviews, thought-pieces and non-clickbaity listicles from new and experienced writers who can combine passionate enthusiasm with a degree of critical reflection, and above all, can write in an engaging style.

If this sounds like you, please read the following guidelines and consider getting in touch!

Our content is intelligent, engaging, provocative, challenging and above all fun; focusing on anything distinctive, independently minded, and wayward in spirit, covering the worlds of cinema, television, music and books up to the present day.

As a writer, you have the right to believe that your critical assessment is right, true and good, regardless of what others believe. Polite criticism of other points of view is not only acceptable but also part of the reason to write reviews in the first place. A good article states what is good and bad, and why.

We reserve the right to edit your work. Usually, this just means minor edits, but if you have a problem with the piece as posted, drop us a line and we’ll discuss it. Our policy is: we’ll treat your reviews with respect.

Attach any images separately in your email.

Include your author bio at the bottom with at least one social network to find you on (preferably twitter so we can link to you) and include your link for your site/blog if you have one!

Although we are unable to pay contributors, your content will be read. We Are Cult has a strong online presence: In 2021, We Are Cult received 391,589 visits and 266,566 unique interactions. As of September 2022, our social media has 10,470 followers.

Our house style:

Place all titles (of songs, albums, books, films, etc.) in italics, not quote marks.

Use just a single space after a full stop.

When abbreviating a decade span, put an apostrophe before the numbers (facing the correct way) but NOT before the “s.” Example: ’60s, NOT 60’s.

Consider the minimum article length to be 500 words and the maximum to be 1,200 words. That’s not absolutely strict, however – but if you’re going to write something outside these boundaries, it should be very well-written. Bear in mind that if it’s too long it may get edited down, but if it’s too short we’ll ask you for a rewrite.

Please spell-check, grammar-check and use punctuation correctly before sending your work.

❉ You can email We Are Cult’s Editor in Chief here: wearecultcontent@gmail.com

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