‘Quatermass In Television and Movies’ free Kindle ebook offer!

Mark F. Cain’s Quatermass compendium is free from 20 to 24 December 2016 as part of a festive promotion.


Writer Mark F. Cain has put all his books on Amazon Kindle worldwide for free from 20 -24 December 2016. Of particular interest to We Are Cult followers will be his most recent title ‘Quatermass in Books and Movies’, published 24 April 2016 by The Good The Bad And The Odd Press.

In this book, Mark F. Cain explores the fictional adventures of Professor Bernard Quatermass through the TV serials in the 1950s, the Hammer movies in the 1950s and 1960s, and various other TV and radio shows ranging from the 1970s right up until the 2000s, and how the ideas and themes present in them have permeated and enriched popular culture.

Praise for ‘Quatermass In Television and Movies’ from Diabolique Magazine:

Mark F. Cain’s Quatermass in Television and Movies (2016) is a referential guide to the full scope of the Quatermass universe, from the initial televised run to the reincarnation of the series in the 1970s and mid-2000s, the full filmic franchise, and references in other strands of popular culture – from the 1970s band named after the treasured science-fiction hero to the 1959 Quatermass-themed episode of popular British comedy radio show, The Goon Show (1951-1960).

As a compendium to the Quatermass universe, Quatermass in Television and Movies is a wonderful book for any fan of the franchise to dip into, new or old. At forty-seven pages it’s a quick and engaging read; Cain’s writing is peppered by fascinating facts that, in addition to the dedication of chapters to specific films or television series, allow readers to pick up the book at any stage of the Quatermass story.

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❉ Mark F. Cain’s other books are ‘The Boy Who Got Lost in Dreams’ and ‘X-Files Episode By Episode: Season 1’ (2016)

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