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❉ Greg & Joe take an already upside down world & turn it sideways.

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This week: Greg & Joe tell us all about The All Seeing Guys podcast!

What’s your podcast about?

Greg: We started out simply tackling parts of life & the world around us that anyone can relate to, I mean we did an entire episode simply called ‘shitting’ where funnily enough we just talked about shitting. We did another on Nic Cage, Daytime drinking, internet crazes & Facebook to name a few, it was while doing episodes like this we realised we had so many funny stories & an equal match of foul humour, well, I say equal, Joe is worse than me but that’s what makes the dynamic work. With the title ‘The All Seeing Guys’ we thought, well if we are ‘all seeing’ then we can talk about anything. That realisation was a eureka moment for us, a real turning point opening the show up to endless possibilities.  So in the last 50 episodes the show has evolved, although me & Joe have not. It’s really about everything & nothing. We just want the listeners to have as much fun listening as we do recording it.

Joe: Two long time friends having the sort of conversations you have down the pub after about 5 beers.

Greg: Yeah, go with Joe’s answer. Straight to the point.

If you had to describe your show in 10 words or less, what would you say?

Joe: An honest and opinionated look at the world around us.

Greg: Taking an already upside down world & turning it sideways.

Which episode would you recommend for a first-time listener? Do you have a favourite episode?

Joe: I have so many favourite episodes. I would say either episode 9 Town Ambassadors talking about Local Town Legends or The Fighting Cocks bar episode.

Greg: Between episode 49 & 50 we put out a Bonus episode which is pretty much a ‘best of’. It’s a good place to get an idea of what the show is like. My personal favourite is Episode 44 ‘Ever felt so sexy you shit yourself?’, for no real reason other than it was just really funny.  But the best thing is anyone can just pick a random episode & listen in any order.


What inspired you to create this podcast?

Greg: Without sounding corny, it was each other. Me & Joe have been friends for like ten years, had both been listening to podcasts & wanted to make one but didn’t know what it should be about. I kept coming to Joe with really dumb ideas that he, rightly so, would shoot down, they were bad. The thing is we would have such ridiculous conversations that I knew we could do something but wasn’t sure where to direct it. Then one drunk evening we were at a bus stop having a chat about if you could trust an actor or not because they are really good at lying. It was during this we both realised that this was the podcast. Just us being us.

Joe: Yeah, we both realised we were able to have some pretty interesting conversations with each other and decided to share them with people.

Greg: Also, we live in a town called Kingston upon Thames, which constantly inspires us. So much weird stuff happens & it’s full of characters. The Fighting Cocks bar in Kingston played a huge part too, me & Joe met there and were surrounded by awesome people with similar humour who would hear us talk at the bar & would say we should make a show. There’s a lot of fantastic musicians & bands who drink there too & we try to end most episodes with a track from a local band. The regulars of The Cocks & the staff down there are still very much part of the show.

Which guests have you had on your podcast so far?

Joe: Half the Fighting Cocks bar ha ha.

Greg: We haven’t had any big names on, it’s not something we have even tried or discussed really. Not to say we wouldn’t but we aren’t interviewers. Our friends Jay & Tony who host another popular local podcast ‘How to Write a tune’ get big musicians on there so it can be done. But it’s not really us, not yet. We have guests but it’s people we know who we think will be interesting. Once again, The Fighting Cocks Bar is a well of awesome people, We did a whole episode in there once, we had one guy who works in an army surplus store who sells items to people preparing for the end of the world, preppers, so we had him on to talk about that, we had a girl who works in Old London Road Tattoos in Kingston on to talk about tattoos nowadays, we had a female bar staff member from The Cocks on to talk about Porn, and we had a huge response from that, much bigger I think if it had just been me & Joe or another male guest. Listeners do like our guest episodes & we really are open to anyone who wants to come on.

Joe: If we think of a subject to discuss we usually have a friend who will know a thing or two about said subjects. Adding another person to the equation usually keeps things fresh and interesting.

Who would be your dream guest?

Greg: We could never get them but Tom Davis (DI Sleet from Murder in Successville) & Danny Dyer. We have joked before that if we had Danny Dyer on it would be funny to watch & discuss Short Circuit 2 for no other reason than it’s a great film. The main character, Benjamin, isn’t even Indian, it’s a white actor in Indian face. Classic 90’s.

Joe: Danny Dyer, but let me explain why because some people are gonna think we’re fucking stupid for saying that. Danny Dyer does get interviewed but usually just gets asked about Cockney rhyming slang or Eastenders or who he has slapped that week. I just want to have a regular pub chat with the bloke, he gets a lot of stick and I think he’s a decent down to earth guy.

Which equipment do you use for your podcast set-up?

Joe: Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum.

Greg: Shure mics, SM58s, through my interface & we record through a mac onto Logic. I had previously used Garageband as me & Joe recorded vocals for Hip hop music under the name ‘Dicerollers’. I made the move to Logic & have learnt a lot more over the last year or so. I do pride myself on our good sound. It was the production side of the podcast that got me my job for a production company, GL Productions that’s offers Podcast editing services. So it really has taken over my life, in a good way of course.

What would you say is the best length of time for a podcast episode?

Greg: When we first started prepping to make The All Seeing Guys, we wanted to aim for an hour thinking that would be hard. Turns out its much harder to keep it to an hour, so we don’t. Our episodes are usually an hour & half. Which I think is a great length. Can be longer sometimes when we have guests on.

Joe: I think people have different opinions on this. Because we’re not really interviewing people and it’s more about the conversations and individual input, it’s good to go off in different directions which is why our episodes can be anything from 1 hour to nearly 2 hours.

Greg: We have a few segments we do that splits the show up. A few segments we do are ‘Geezedropping’ where we read out snippets we or listeners have sent in of overheard conversations from passing strangers, we have ‘You didn’t ask for it but here’s our advice anyway’ where we answer agony aunt questions that weren’t actually meant for us to answer which is always a lot of fun, our more recent segment is ‘Wankery Wank’ where we take a famous movie speech or monologue, remove key words & replace them with words randomly picked from a scrolling live feed of a Porn search engine. The results always have us crying with laughter.

Which podcasts (other than yours) would you recommend we listen to?

Greg: I know Cheapshow named this podcast in their interview with you but The Last Podcast on The Left is my all time favourite show. Been listening a few years, it’s both disgusting & hilarious. Also inspiring how far that show has come, we went to see them do a live show here in the UK last year & managed to meet them, they recently won a Webby! So doing amazing things in the podcast world. Other than them I listen to a lot of people just like us, making shows for themselves, ‘Open All Powers’ is another fave, hosted by two brothers Sam & Gaz who talk current geek news, there’s so many geek news podcasts out there but this one really stands out, they are great hosts & very funny. ‘How to Write a Tune’, who I mentioned before are a must listen too, especially if you are big into music. Follow Podnose or the #Podernfamily hashtag on Twitter & you’ll find some gems!

Joe: Depends what you’re into really, but I always listen to Last Podcast On The Left, Open All Powers and How To Write a Tune.

Greg: As you can tell by our answers we are both individual thinkers.

Where is your podcast available to listen to?

Joe: Everywhere!

Greg: Yeah, pretty much. We make it very easy to find us. So we are on iTunesSoundcloud, Libsyn, Stitcher, Acast & I even put all the episodes onto Youtube. Along with the odd funny video we do occasionally.

What is the future of podcasting as a creative medium?

Greg: It’s vast. Can go anywhere. The beauty about podcasting is that anyone can do it. You can record a half decent podcast with your phone. Then on the other end of the scale you got big businesses who are catching on to it & making podcasts to communicate with staff & customers. Celebrities, especially comedians all have their own podcast, it isn’t a career killer, it’s a must have now. Over the years I’ve been listening to podcasts & the two years we have been making ours I’ve seen it grow & evolve a lot. So it’s only going to get bigger. I’m hoping it stays free, that’s one change I wouldn’t welcome.

Joe: The thing I have always loved is I can say what I want without having to deal with someone telling me I can’t say that. The freedom to create whatever you want and put it out there and people actually enjoy what you’ve created is a pretty good feeling.

Greg: Joe hit the nail on the head there.

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