Playlist: ‘Marc Bolan Deep Cuts’

❉ We celebrate what would have been Marc Bolan’s 69th birthday with a hand-made playlist of album tracks, B sides and outtakes.

“What I adored about Marc was that he allowed me to start becoming the person whom I was beginning to suspect that I was.” the late Sebastian Horsley wrote in his memoir ‘Dandy In The Underworld’ (Harper Collins, 2007). “He was the first icon to turn androgyny into a saleable commodity. Even during his days as an elfin folk singer, he was haunted by an angelic, hermaphroditic mood. A special aura radiates from people who have succeeded in synthesising their professional and personal lives. Marc was someone who could not have been invented – not even if the whole world had sat up all night.”


Horsley continued:

Marc was super-plastic profound. A curious hybrid of dandy and poseur, street urchin and visionary. The mass of contradictions could be held together only by the unifying power of art. The only real philosophy he had was that a human being was an art form in itself. He was entirely his own creation: A creature lovingly constructed from the materials of his imagination. He was important for being trivial yet deep, poppy yet interesting – all the things I came to love in one person.

There are a million T Rex greatest hits compilations out there, so we’ve compiled a playlist of Bolan ‘deep cuts’ – album tracks, B sides and outtakes covering virtually his entire career, from his brief time as a member of John’s Children, through to some of his last recordings, just before a promising comeback was cut tragically short by a fatal car accident, just two weeks before his thirtieth birthday.

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Keep a little Marc in your heart!

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