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 Snowflake Supernova is somewhat of a departure for the Swedish synth-poppers, writes Ange Chan.

Swedish electro group MORE are back on the scene with a standalone single, Snowflake Supernova, that won’t appear on any future album releases.  There are no current plans for the band to release anything else before the end of the year, so this is a perfect opportunity to get your MORE fix until the next album is released at some point in the future.

The single is called Snowflake Supernova and is a two-track release with B-side Alone accompanying it. This also an exclusive track but could have easily made it to the last album, and by a cruel twist of fate didn’t make the cut that time.

Singer with the band Magnus said, “The idea of the song came about fairly quickly. I plugged in my electric guitar, which I hadn’t played since 2005, and it was still tuned. First of all, I played the strumming bass, which is the baseline of the track. The lyrics came naturally and instantly. It was written after a minor argument with my wife, and it was my way of trying to make my point clear. I tend to turn to writing when I feel like my spoken words aren’t enough”. He went on to say, “We just felt like releasing something new before the year ends. We hope you will enjoy it!”

The single comes off the back of their last album Appraisal, released in March of this year, as reviewed by We Are Cult.  More recently in July, Magnus was involved in a 16-track single release and made a contribution in his native Swedish, for a project by Beyond Border. Sixteen different artists interpreted the same song entitled Perfection in their own languages, and contained tracks by synthpop peers like BlakLight and People Theatre as well as many others.

Snowflake Supernova is somewhat of a departure for the Swedish synth-poppers. It’s a very upbeat track with elements of the Mancuncian band New Order, delivering a similar bass line, a la Hooky crossed with a slightly paired down synthpop version of Madonna’s Ray of Light.  We haven’t previously heard this side of MORE, but it works extremely well, and delivers catchy vibes whilst still retaining their own unique identity.  If this is indicative of the direction in which the band are heading towards, then I wholeheartedly approve!

The following track Alone is a more familiar sound that we’re all used to hearing from MORE.  It’s akin to their idols Depeche Mode, circa the Black Celebration era, with similar sound effect backing and dronelike synths which emphasise the doleful, melancholic lyrics. The two tracks couldn’t be more different, yet both still manage to hit the mark in their own ways; Snowflake Supernova as a dancefloor filler, and Alone as a ‘listening track’ on your favourite playlist.  Both have equal validity, and as a duo of tracks, they deserve to be well received.

There will be no more from MORE until 2023, so fans of the band will need to catch this track as the end of this year’s releases.

Snowflake Supernova’ by MORE is available from Friday 21 October 2022. Click here to Pre-order via Bandcamp for Streaming + Download (Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more):

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