Mabig Film Festival 2020

❉ The rescheduled Mabig Film Festival 2020 event went ahead successfully on 17 October.

Regular readers of We Are Cult may recall we told you about the Mabig Film Festival 2020 event, in the most recent of our chats with Mabig festival director and filmmaker, Andreea Boyer. Originally scheduled to take place in April 2020, the event went ahead successfully on 17 October in Villa Gladiatore in Augsburg, Germany.

L-R: Festival organiser Andreea Boyer, actress Anita Stenke, director Dr. Joachim Böttcher.

Filmmakers Dr. Joachim H. Böttcher, Tom Zolyomi, Jeffrey van Davis were among those in attendance. Festival founder Andreea Boyer says, “even due to the extreme corona measurements here in town and only 25 people were allowed to the event because of lockdown I’m grateful with all my heart and happy. ”

Filmmaker Tom Zolyomi.

Festival director, Andreea Boyer, has first established her own firm, Mabig Movies, in Augsburg, with the goal to bring in artists, filmmakers, producers, actors, and writers to share all the experiences and knowledge about the film world with all local people. “Our focus is to enlarge everyone’s perspective of films by giving male and female international filmmakers an equal chance to have their films neutrally analyzed and valued by the festival judges”, Andreea previously told We Are Cult.

Mabig Film Festival is a monthly Festival with once a year live screenings and an annual event for the best films which are Award Winners. Every month, MFF announces the Nominees who are automatically further in competition. Mabig Film Festival welcomes international entries and will take place annually in the Bavarian city of Augsburg, which is known for upcoming artistic projects and its existing great structure for the arts.

❉ CLICK HERE For more information about Mabig Film Festival. For further questions, an e-mail can be send to the festival director, Andreea Boyer, via the Mabig Movies website “contact” form. If you would like to learn more about Andreea, you can visit her website. Follow Andreea on Twitter: @andreeaboyer

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