Andreea Boyer: Mabig Film Festival 2020

❉ We catch up with Andreea Boyer, founder and film festival director of Mabig Film Festival.

The prodigious film-maker, writer and actor Andreea Boyer will be a familiar name to regular readers of this website, having been featured in We Are Cult earlier this year as she told us about her award-winning film festival favourite Julia 17, her new short My Selfie Life and other film projects, as well as the life-changing events that began her journey in film-making. As well as being an award-winning filmmaker and writer, Andreea is the founder and film festival director of Mabig Film Festival.

We’re delighted to welcome Andreea back to the pages of We Are Cult, in order for her to tell readers in her own words about her own Mabig Film Festival which takes place this year in Villa Il Gladiatore, Augsburg, 14-16 April 2020.

Andreea Boyer, award-winning filmmaker and writer as well as the founder and film festival director of Mabig Film Festival.

Festival director, Andreea Boyer, has first established her own firm, Mabig Movies, in Augsburg, with the goal to bring in artists, filmmakers, producers, actors, and writers to share all the experiences and knowledge about the film world with all local people. “Our focus is to enlarge everyone’s perspective of films by giving male and female international filmmakers an equal chance to have their films neutrally analyzed and valued by the festival judges”, Andreea previously told We Are Cult.

Mabig Film Festival is a monthly Festival with once a year live screenings and an annual event for the best films which are Award Winners. Every month, MFF announces the Nominees who are automatically further in competition. (Listed on IMDB)  Mabig Film Festival welcomes international entries and will take place annually in the Bavarian city of Augsburg, which is known for upcoming artistic projects and its existing great structure for the arts.

“I’m the owner of Mabig Movies and I realised that my dream is to organise a transparent and modern film festival through my Mabig Film Festival, here in Augsburg and it’s my wish that Mabig Film Festival can be as big as other famous festivals like Munich or Berlin etc., and I am delighted to inform you that the event will take place next year in April 2020 at the Villa Il Gladiatore, Augsburg.

“I have great German Event Partners: Augsburg-Hotel Sonnenhof, Estancia Verde, Hotel A8 Lukas, and of course Villa Il Gladiatore and the Bavarian Newspapers.

Filmfreeway is the international platform where all film submissions are possible with a 50% discount code: MFFentrydiscount. Please read all our rules and terms on Filmfreeway or on my website before submitting your film to our festival. By submitting your creative work to our festival, you are aware of the rules and you are giving our experienced team the mission to impartially judge your film and your work. Don’t contact our judges during the evaluation of your film. For further questions, an e-mail can be send to the festival director, Andreea Boyer, via the Mabig Movies website “contact” form on to the direct e-mail address that is available on my profile on Filmfreeway. Thank you. For all Chinese film submissions please visit the website SFilmmaker. SFilmmaker is our Chinese partner.

“In the competition are international films of all genres and lengths like feature films, documentaries and short films from international filmmakers.  Our focus is to enlarge everyone’s perspective of films by giving male and female international filmmakers an equal chance to have their films neutrally analysed and valued by the festival judges.

“Entries for all genres of films are welcome, including romance, comedy, drama, thriller, horror, history, sci-fi, social, adventure, western, suspense, historical, historical fiction, mystery, philosophical, political, animation, urban, magical realism, fantasy, LGBT films, documentaries, as well short films.

“All feature films of all genres with a maximum length of 150 minutes (including documentaries) are welcome to be submitted to Mabig Film Festival. All short films can be submitted with respect to the genres. The requirements are written in our policy form. Experienced as well as student filmmakers are welcome to submit their films.

As the festival’s director, can  you tell us a little about how you go about curating the Film Festival in the run up to the annual event?

“A program will be created for the event and screenings. Also all ongoing information is available online on Facebook, Twitter etc. and first of all I inform first each filmmaker by a official E-Mail after seeing their films. But I also get German movies like Akalung with the German actor and RTL – Let’s Dance dancer, Benjamin Piwko and another film with Anke Engelke. On the Filmfreeway page you can read more information about the festival as well as the genres.

“Other filmmakers and actors featured include Allisyn Ashley Arm, Janek Ambros, Marc Saez, Mehmet Tanrisever, Manuel Weiss, Dilip Khatri, Samuel Perriard, Ralph Cinque, Albin Wildner, Alexandre Laugier, Mathieu Rivolier, Jesús Álvarez Betancurt, Nandlal Nayak, Jane Sanger,  Dave Ardito & Pia Simon, Cat Watson, Karoline Eichhorn, Hanieh Bavali,  Greta Valenti, Julie Gaston, Robin Davey,  Geoffrey Gould, Andretti Dante, Dr. Daniel Widdowson, C. Nathaniel Brown, Dan Tonkin, Darren Hawkins, Tigran Nersisian, Yattaa – Emanuele Brusini,  Soeren Witzel,  Justin Eugene Evans, Daniel Alvarenga, Samuel Perriard, Julien Botzanowski, Alan Ou, Albin Wildner, Sebastian Wotschke, Johannes Kohout and Janek Totaro, Tamara Farsadi, Lee Siu Lung,  Satya Prakash Choudhary,  Nicolas Heinzel, Kaveh Ahangar  and many others very talented international filmmakers …

“Each month, I announce the Nominees who are automatically further in competition. All Winners will receive a official E-Mail from me by February 2020.

“And also the involvement of companies is an important factor, because the culture is of great importance – Augsburg is known for upcoming artistic projects and its existing great structure for the arts. You can find the Mabig Film Festival Event Partners by visiting ”

Andreea goes on to tell We Are Cult about a small selection of the interesting documentary films which have been nominated:

Aspire to the Sky: The Wilshire Grand Story is the original documentary movie about the Wilshire Grand Hotel, the tallest building in Los Angeles, and how and who built and invested in it. This film is directed by Dilip Khatri who is a professional structural engineer himself.”

SkyGrazers: A Story of the Flying Farmers is a documentary feature film from Canada that tells different stories about many Canadian farmers, directed and produced by Annmarie Aronoff & Chris Aronoff.

Autonomous Artifacts, directed by Johannes Kohout and Janek Totaro from Germany, is a interesting feature-length student film.

Take Your Dream is an interesting documentary film about the real life story of a father, the film’s director E W Helmick, and his son, who are swimming together 2400 km down Australia’s longest river, River Murray, to inspire the youth of Australia. “

What can people expect from the event, how does it differ from other film festivals?

“My Mabig Film Festival  will take a couple of days. Welcome are all guests, young people, adults, seniors (including the media, artists, politicians, etc). We also intend to create a viable, atypical “red-carpet” atmosphere. I’ve thought to surprise everyone during the event with something else. We look forward to welcoming you all during the event and showing you interesting films!”

Since we last spoke in April 2019, Andreea has collaborated with Hollywood-based composer, songwriter, musician and producer Evrim Tuzun on a music video trailer for her film Julia 17 which has received over 1,200,000 views on Tuzun’s Instagram page.

Her latest project is a new short film, entitled Ella, made with the support of businessman Alfie Best, the CEO of Wyldecrest Parks, who also plays a main role in the film.

❉ The Mabig Film Festival will be held at Villa Il Gladiatore, 14-16 April 2020, in partnership with Augsburg-Hotel Sonnenhof, Hotel A8 Lukas, Estancia Verde and Idol Features. HotelA8 Lukas will be offering a special rate of 40 Euros per night for all Film Festival attendees.

❉ If you would like to learn more about Andreea, you can visit her website. Follow Andreea on Twitter: @andreeaboyer

❉ James Gent is editor of We Are Cult, and co-editor with Jon Arnold of Me And The Starman.

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