Lola Dutronic – ‘My Name Is Lola’ reviewed

❉ A Truly Global Lola: This song is essentially a love letter to Lola Dutronic’s favourite city of Berlin, and a departure from their usual approach.

Following on from our recent introduction to the electro band Lola Dutronic , we review their latest single, which is their third this year.

The band usually takes its influences from French and British sixties songs by chanson artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy, adapting them with modern electronic arrangements. This formula has worked very well in the past for Lola Dutronic and they have released five albums and two EPs using this ethos, which has proved to be successful for them.

This song is essentially a love letter to their favourite city of Berlin. Musically, it’s a departure from their usual approach. It starts off with unmistakable Eurodisco beats and is then fused with a breathy female vocal, telling a story about how they reached their favourite city.

It has a very infectious beat and is eminently danceable. Show to be a hits on the dancefloor with of clubs across the world. It’s a song which will get under your skin from the first listen and draws influences from both countries of their origins.

❉ “My Name is Lola” is available now on iTunes & Bandcamp. Check them out here: Soundcloud: | iTunes | Bandcamp

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