Gods and Monsters new series preview – introducing INFERNO!

❉ Fresh from Gallifrey One and BFI Southbank, Cutaway Comics’ Kickstarter stretch goals revealed – including INFERNO – THE WORLD DIES SCREAMING!

Cutaway Comics’ Kickstarter has revealed its Kickstarter stretch goals for epic crossover event, Gods and Monsters, in the run up to the Kickstarter closing on Friday 11 March 2022.

Over a year in the making, Gods and Monsters will see friends and foes from the worlds of Doctor Who brought together across time and space onboard the Eltralla, a phantom colony ship lost in space and time, harbouring a hidden and potentially universe-shattering, secret.

Stretch goals, available to merchandise package backers, include:

❉ Guests to join our commentary line-up including Graeme Harper on Warriors’ Gate and Gabriel Woolf on Pyramids of Mars

❉ A bonus commentary on Warriors’ Gate with Director Paul Joyce

❉ A deluxe printing of Stephen Gallagher’s original submission of ‘Dream Time’, the story that would eventually come to screen as Warriors’ Gate. The deluxe printing includes a new introduction from writer Stephen Gallagher and file notes in a handsomely crafted package.

❉ Issue Zero of Cutaway’s upcoming title INFERNO: The World Dies Screaming written by Gary Russell, with art by Martin Geraghty. Going further than the Doctor Who serial of the same name, the issue is chance to see how it began, how Stahlmann convinced the British Establishment to let him dig for his energy-providing gas on their soil, and the lengths he and the authorities are willing to go to have his theories proven correct.

Faustine Kickstarter Exclusive Cover

Stephen Gallagher, writer of Faustine, the two-part launch of Gods and Monsters, says: “As part of the Gods and Monsters launch at the Gallifrey One convention I was overwhelmed by the number of people who sought me out to tell me of their Warriors’ Gate experience. It’s been like that ever since I dived back into the show’s world nearly four decades after I first walked into the Doctor Who production office.

Part of that revisiting process has involved a return to my original script materials, a mass of thoughts and details that never made it onto the screen. Now, at Cutaway’s urging, I’ve agreed to share the material as context for Faustine. It’s stuff that I thought would never see the light of day. But it keeps on giving.”

Also launched at the recent Gallifrey One convention, writer Gary Russell takes up the story of Inferno: The World Dies Screaming:

“As a youngster in 1970, I had been so excited when “Star Trek” did ‘alternative universe/parallel worlds and people’ stories. Then “Lost in Space” did, for me at least, the ultimate version, ‘The Anti-Matter Man’. So when a few weeks later “Doctor Who” gave us “Inferno”, I was whooping with joy.

Ever since then, “Inferno” has remained my favourite “Doctor Who” story – and Cutaway Comics and Don Houghton’s generous family have given me an opportunity to explore what happened next. And believe me, on a world where Stahlmann’s Gas escaped, it’s not pretty.”

Imagine a Totalitarian State where everyone wants the opportunity to brutally oppress everyone else, where survivors are penned into Work Camps and no one has a clue what’s happening outside their immediate sphere of reference.  Are there survivors in other parts of Britain? In Europe? In America or China or Australia? No one knows and so each day is survival of the fittest… and no one is particularly fit, physically or mentally…

With art by the legendary Martin Geraghty (Demon of Eden, Doctor Who Magazine), Inferno: The Earth Dies Screaming will also feature characters from Don Houghton’s other Doctor Who serial ‘The Mind of Evil’. Inferno will launch in 2023, and if the stretch goal is successfully reached, backers of Gods and Monsters will receive a sneak preview!

❉ Gods and Monsters is a new twelve-part US-style comic mini-series from Cutaway Comics. The Kickstarter can be found here and concludes on Friday 11th March 2022. More information can be found on the Cutaway Comics website at www.cutawaycomics.co.uk or by following Cutaway Comics on Twitter @cutawayuniverse

❉ News source: Cutaway Comics/Room 5064 Productions.

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