A titanic clash of Gods and Monsters threatens to rip apart time and space!

❉ Cutaway Comics launches its most ambitious range of titles yet with the launch of Gods and Monsters, an epic crossover event for 2022 and beyond. 

Gods and Monsters is a new twelve-part US-style comic mini-series from Cutaway Comics. Written by Stephen Gallagher, Mark Griffiths, Sean Mason, Bob Baker and Ian Winterton with art by Martin Geraghty, John Ridgway, Silvano Beltramo, Adrian Salmon, Libby Reed, Steve B Scott and more to be announced.

Over a year in the making, Gods and Monsters will see friends and foes from the worlds of Doctor Who brought together across time and space onboard the Eltralla, a phantom colony ship lost in space and time, harbouring a hidden and potentially universe-shattering, secret.

Launching in three phrases across 2022, a series of linked one-shots featuring the characters of Omega, the time-sensitive Tharils and Egyptian god of death Sutekh form the first parts of the story, with further one-shots featuring the characters of Iris Widthyme, Drax and Eldrad to come later in 2022 before a six-part crossover event featuring the characters fighting for existence and the fate of the universe aboard the Eltralla.

A Kickstarter to support the range launches in February 2022 with copies of the first set of one-shot comics, the chance to be immortalised in print as one of the characters and other exclusive perks are on offer as well as wallet-friendly digital copies of the titles, issued on their release from June 2022.

“Despite the challenges presented by COVID in establishing ourselves, we have been warmly received with our forays into the Whoinverse,” explains Cutaway Comics Publisher Gareth Kavanagh, “And Gods and Monsters is set to be our most ambitious and action-packed story yet!”

Faustine Kickstarter Exclusive Cover

The three titles making up Book One include Faustine: Tharil Princess, featuring the return of the Tharils under the pen of their original creator and science-fiction legend Stephen Gallagher (Eleventh Hour, BUGS, Chimera).

Omega: Eltralla picks up the story as recently seen in Mark Griffiths and John Ridgway’s limited four-part series. Brian Blessed recently took on the mantle of Omega in our audio adaptation of the series. Writer Mark Griffiths adds: “I was thrilled when I realised that the legend that is Brian Blessed was going to be taking on the role – and speaking my words! He was equally delighted and intrigued when I explained to him where the character would be heading in Gods and Monsters..!”

Omega: Sample Page

Finally, the Egyptian god of death Sutekh is poised to wreak havoc in Sutekh: The Heretic. Written by Gods and Monsters (and Demon of Eden) scribe Ian Winterton, with art from Doctor Who and 2000 AD artist Adrian Salmon.

Rescued from oblivion, fallen God Sutekh the Destroyer leads an unlikely army of liberation to free a far flung galaxy from the clutches of evil demon Azag. But will the found adoration of billions of freed slaves be his undoing?

Sutekh: Sample Page

Publisher Gareth Kavanagh picks this up: “It was an irresistible chance to introduce Sutekh, the Egyptian god of death into the narrative. The dramatic potential of a one-shot having him wreak havoc was ideal for Ian to get his teeth into. And then there’s the potential of pairing Sutekh and Omega against each other in future books… It’s going to be epic!”

Cutaway Comics has headed to the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles where their titles are on sale during the convention and Gareth Kavanagh and Ian Winterton held a panel outlining Gods and Monsters and future titles for the range.

The Gods and Monsters Kickstarter goes live on 18th February and concludes on 11th March.

❉ News source: Cutaway Comics: More information can be found on the Cutaway Comics website at www.cutawaycomics.co.uk or by following Cutaway Comics on Twitter @cutawayuniverse

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