‘Dr. Who’ Movie Novelisations Fundraiser

❉ Novels based on the two iconic Aaru Dalek movies from the 1960s, starring Peter Cushing as Dr Who.

Many Doctor Who fans know that Tommy Donbavand – author of Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, the Scream Street series, and more; family man, and all round top bloke – is desperately ill and in grave need of our support.

Due to the enormous generosity of a well-known Doctor Who author (who wishes to remain anonymous) Obverse Books are able to offer, for a very limited time, four novels based on the two iconic Aaru Dalek movies from the 1960s, starring Peter Cushing as Dr Who, plus two new adventures loosely based on other scripts from the television series.

Says Obverse Books’ Stuart Douglas:

“These books will be printed in a one off print run, based on the per-orders we receive, and will then go out of print. This is purely a fund raiser for our friend, whose need for support is urgent, so if you want a copy please do order as soon as possible! All profits will of course go straight to Tommy.”


The first voyage of Dr Who’s space and time machine, Tardis, takes the inventor and his young companions spinning out of control to the dead planet of Skaro, where a nuclear war has left the planet devastated and the mutated the survivors into monsters.

In their metal city, the Daleks are waiting for Dr Who.


Arriving in the middle of the 22nd century, Dr Who and his companions are shocked to find that the Earth has been invaded, its cities and continents destroyed and humanity brutally subjugated.

The Daleks are now the Masters of Earth.


Dr Who arrives in the future to find that the Earth is now gripped in a new ice age.  As the deadly ice spreads south, it brings with it a threat from the past…and from a distant world…

The Ice Warriors have laid claim to the Earth.


Dr Who arrives on the moon in the 21st century to find that a strange disease is wiping out the crew of a weather control base.  Soon, a new planet arrive sin the solar system, causing havoc across the world – and most deadly of all, the metallic, emotionless inhabitants of that world have turned their eyes to Earth…

The Cybermen’s invasion of Earth has begun.

Orders for the Dr Who Movie series will close on 17 March 2019 – they will be published in April 2019, £10.95 each or £40 for the set: https://obversebooks.co.uk/product/dr-who-movie-novelisation-pack/.

❉ If you wish to help Tommy’s family, this is the link to his JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tommyvcancer

News source: Obverse Books.

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