‘Defending Earth: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith’

❉ An unofficial charity anthology featuring stories about one of the most beloved Doctor Who companions of all time!

M.H. Norris and Adventures on Earth Productions have recently announced Defending Earth: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith!

Defending Earth is an unofficial charity anthology featuring stories about one of the most beloved companions of all time, Sarah Jane Smith. From her childhood, to her time with both the Third and Fourth Doctor, to the Wilderness Years, The Sarah Jane Adventures and beyond, all periods of her life are featured in this collection!

The proceeds for this collection will be going to the Cancer Research Institute in loving memory of Elisabeth Sladen (who died of cancer in April 2011). Since 1953, they’ve led the field with support for immunotherapy research and clinical trials and continue to fund revolutionary breakthroughs to cure all types of cancer. Today, virtually every major research institution in the world working in immunology and immunotherapy has scientists on staff who have been or are currently being funded by CRI, with fresh talent on the way.

Curated by M.H. Norris, Defending Earth features stories from Joshua Wanisko, Kara Dennison, Sophie Iles, James Bojaciuk, Niki Haringsma, Jon Black, and many more! All of the art is by Sophie Iles, the co-editor (with James Bojaciuk) and cover artist of Mild Curiosities.

Preorders for the physical copy will be available on February 1st, in memory of what would have been Sladen’s 73rd birthday. Digital copies will be available to purchase at that time.

❉ Check back in to M.H. Norris’ Facebook page for further updates and specials previews of stories!

❉ News source: M.H. Norris and Adventures on Earth Productions.

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