Dr Who Charity Fanzine ‘Mild Curiosities’

❉ New stories about Ian & Barbara, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity.

Mild Curiosities, an unofficial charity fanzine devoted to two of Doctor Who’s first companions, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, is available for print pre-orders & digital purchases TODAY!

These two schoolteachers, who were originally kidnapped by the Doctor and opposed to his lack of understanding, became in time a beautiful friendship as they travelled around time and space with him, with hope they would get home back to London 1963. Their exploits found a new audience in the 2018 ‘Twitch Presents’ Doctor Who Marathon- which saw Ian and Barbara generate their very own meme!

Mild Curiosities is a collection of short stories from various points in these character’s lives, arranged in chronological order with a mix of art, fiction, and non-fiction articles about these two much-loved teachers.

Printed copies of Mild Curiosities are available for pre-order and the digital edition is available to buy now! The proceeds from this collection will be going to Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity. The donations will be given in loving memory of Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright), who died of breast cancer in 1993, aged 63.

Artist Sophie Iles, the co-editor (with James Bojaciuk) of Mild Curiosities, writes:

I wanted to find a way of celebrating these first companions who help shape the Doctor into the hero, the idiot, the hermit, the mad man in a box that most of us know him as today. Ian and Barbara, who were born into a different generation: wartime childhoods, postwar young adulthoods, Cold War professional careers that shaped them into the people they became—and the person the Doctor became.

The writers are:
Adam Christopher, Anna Maloney, Kara Dennison, William J Martin, Christopher Hawton, Peter Cumiskey, Stephen Hatcher, Jeff Goddard, Logan Fairchild, Dana Reboe, Katie & Claire Lambeth and James Bojaciuk; with an introduction from John Dorney (Big Finish) and poetry from Beth Axford (The Time Ladies, DWM Time Team).

The artists are:
Carolyn Edwards, Daisy LaFarres, Paul Magrs, Sarah Theimer, Anne-Laure Tuduri, Sam Shaw and Raine Szramski.

❉ Mild Curiosities is edited by Sophie Iles & James Bojaciuk. Order your copy here: https://mildcuriosities.bigcartel.com. Don’t forget all the money made will go to support Breast Cancer Now.

Defending Earth: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith!

Sophie Iles is also responsible for the cover art and illustrations of Defending Earth: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith!, an unofficial charity anthology created by  M.H. Norris and Adventures on Earth Productions, featuring stories about one of the most beloved companions of all time, Sarah Jane Smith.

The proceeds for this collection will be going to the Cancer Research Institute in loving memory of Elisabeth Sladen (who died of cancer in April 2011).

Pre-orders for the physical copy will be available on February 1st 2019, in memory of what would have been Sladen’s 73rd birthday. Digital copies will be available to purchase at that time.

❉ News source: Sophie Iles Art

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