“Above the Law: An Unofficial Guide to Star Cops”

❉ A new title documenting the making of a cult classic takes off this August!

Cover design by Clayton Hickman

Miwk Publishing have recently announced a new title, Above the Law: An Unauthorised Guide to Star Cops by Paul Watts, and it’s due for release in August 2020

When writer Chris Boucher finished working on Doctor Who and Blake’s 7, he moved onto crime series. But the seed had been sown to combine both science fiction and detective drama and Star Cops was born. Broadcast on the BBC in 1987, it was ahead of its time and made an impact on those that stayed loyal to it. Despite only one series, it gained a dedicated audience and became a multi-award winning drama.

Above The Law traces the journey of Star Cops from Boucher’s childhood radio influences and first submission to the BBC, through to its transition as a television drama and successful 2018 re-launch for Big Finish. Looking at both fact and fiction, script changes and production difficulties, writing, effects, editing and music, this book will take you back to the studios of Television Centre and the making of a cult classic.

Above the Law covers both the television and the audio series, as well as the books and features over thirty interviews including David Calder, Graeme Harper, Trevor Cooper, Philip Martin, Linda Newton, John Collee, Malcolm Thornton, Mike Kelt, David Richardson, Rakhee Thakrar, Philip Olivier, Andrew Smith… and many more.


Above the Law is available to pre-order now: Pre-orders can be placed via this link: https://tinyurl.com/itwontbeeasy

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