’80s cult classic ‘Society’ on Horror Channel

❉ Brian Yuzna’s grotesque satire receives a welcome repeat screening on Horror Channel this month!

A Beverly Hills teenager stuck on the outside of the upper classes uncovers a secret society of freakish depravity and debauchery…

Starring Billy Warlock (‘Baywatch’), Patrice Jennings and Tim Bartell, the directorial debut of ‘Re-Animator’ producer Brian Yuzna, 1989’s ‘Society’ is part body-horror, part scatalogical social commentary.

In a recent post on Geeks Of Doom, ‘Dr. Zaius’ wrote:

I find it particularly amusing as a history teacher by day, that I finally see Society at a time where rich vs. poor politics is at an all-time high. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is running for President as a Republican, and his Democratic opponent is likely Hillary Clinton who many feel represents Wall Street. That leaves Bernie Sanders as Bill Whitney facing the evil wealth of Society. Whether or not Brian Yuzna and friends were making true social commentary or not is insignificant. What they succeeded in doing was creating a truly original, disgustingly perverse piece of body horror, that fits very nicely alongside the Cronenberg classics.

Horror Channel will be airing this ’80s cult classic at the following times:

Saturday 3rd December @ 22:50
Friday 9th December @ 00:40
Thursday 29th December @ 23:00

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