‘Who Dares Wins’ returns to Blu-Ray

❉ New release from Fabulous Films starring The Professionals’ Lewis Collins.

When an anti-nuclear group resorts to terror to secure their ends, it takes the SAS to deal with them…as only the SAS can.

Lewis Collins (The Professionals) plays Peter Skellen, an SAS Captain sent to join the terrorists who are lead by Frankie Leith (Judy Davis). Skellen joins as an undercover agent as the terrorists attack the London residence of the American secretary of state. Only the SAS can save the VIP hostages…because only they dare.

The plot for Who Dares Wins is largely based on the Iranian Embassy siege in London which took place between 30th April – May 5th 1980. Producer Euan Lloyd lived near the Embassy and as the SAS stormed the building to end the siege he watched the live news coverage and visited the scene. As soon as it ended Lloyd phoned his lawyer registering several movie titles for films about the SAS including Who Dares Wins.

George Markstein wrote the initial synopsis which was then turned into a novel in 30 days by James Follett called The Tiptoe Boys. As each chapter was finished it was sent to Reginald Rose in LA who wrote the final screenplay.

Fans of the film include Stanley Kubrick and Ronald Reagan, who requested it have a special screening for ‘friends and cabinet members’ at the White House. In America the film was released with the title The Final Option.

Soldiers from the SAS assisted in the production of the film but weren’t supposed to perform stunts for the SAS assault. When the crew had the scene set up with helicopters and stuntmen at the ready the SAS offered to do the scene instead which director Ian Sharp jumped at.

Cast: Lewis Collins, Judy Davis, Richard Widmark, Edward Woodward, Maurice Roeves.
Extras: Trailer and brand new sleeve art by Graham Humphreys.

❉ ‘Who Dares Wins’ is released by Fabulous Films Ltd, June 1st 2020. Certificate: 15. Running Time: 122 mins. RRP £14.99 (Blu-Ray)/£9.99 (DVD). Fabulous Films Ltd / Fremantle Media Enterprises. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

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