What the Dickens? Toby Jones stars in ‘The Chimes’

❉ A new feature-length audio production of Charles Dickens’ ‘lost’ sequel to A Christmas Carol, adapted by Jonathan Morris and directed by Lisa Bowerman.

Cover art for The Chimes.

TOBY JONES (The Detectorists, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Captain America) is to star in a new production of Charles Dickens’ ‘lost’ sequel to A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, an Average Romp Production due for release on 5th December, and now available to pre-order. Check out the Teaser Trailer: 

Producer, Jonathan Morris, says: “The Chimes, written by Dickens as a follow-up to his famous Christmas story, has never been adapted for television and has not been made into a film since 1914. Why? Because it’s much darker, stranger, and more radical. It’s written by Dickens the social campaigner. It’s a story about poverty – and the causes of poverty. It’s a story about the consequences of a cost of living crisis and the notion of the ‘undeserving poor’. It’s as relevant now as it was when it was written, back in 1844. But it’s also uplifting, with a positive message about how everyone is needed and everyone deserves a better future. It’s Dickens pre-empting the Christmas classic movie, It’s A Wonderful Life.”

The feature-length audio production also features David Horovitch (House of the Dragon), Lucy Speed (EastEnders), Laura Aikman (Casualty) and Victoria Alcock (Bad Girls).  Jonathan Morris: “When it came to casting, we had one goal; to cast it with the same people who would be in it if it was on television on BBC One in 2022.”

The cast of The Chimes, August 2022.

‘The Chimes’ is adapted by Jonathan Morris, one of the most prolific Doctor Who spin-off writers, having written approximately 80 audios for Big Finish, including the Russell T Davies adaptation Damaged Goods. For Average Romp, he has written and produced When Michael Met Benny and the Dick Dixon series.

The production is directed by Lisa Bowerman, who also plays Lady Bowley; Lisa is currently playing Julianne in The Archers. Her television work includes Sandra Mute in Casualty, and roles in Coronation Street and the Doctor Who stories Survival and Dreamland. She also originated the character Bernice Summerfield for Big Finish. As a director, Lisa has been responsible for much of Big Finish’s output, including the Jago & Litefoot series (in which she also starred), the HG Wells adaptations, Torchwood, Sapphire & Steel and Blake’s 7.

Sound designer Howard Carter has written music and designed sound for films, computer games and numerous Big Finish productions, including Jago & Litefoot.

❉ ‘The Chimes’ is due for release on December 5th and can be pre-ordered now from https://averageromp.com/the-chimes/

❉ News source: Average Romp Ltd.

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