What is Neodrome?

Neodrome sets out to explore what exactly Cult film is.

“What is a cult film? It can be low budget, independent or released by major studios. It could have been directed by famous auteurs, big names or first timers. Sometimes it can be written by famous names or nobodies. They are often genre films but not always. They have avid followings and are outside the normal scope of mainstream cinema.”

This summarises how the original Moviedrome series (fronted by Alex Cox) positioned itself.  Neodrome by Simon Kennedy’s production company 2nd Century Cinema will move on from the Moviedrome series’ conception of What is a cult film? and take that original conception and build past that.

So what is Neodrome? It is an homage, step forward from and hopefully, the precursor to, the mooted revival of Moviedrome by Simon Kennedy’s production company 2nd Century Cinema.

Says Simon:

“What that set out to do, was to try to revive the amazing cult film series Moviedrome by allowing viewers old and new, a chance to see why we loved the original series and how that could be brought into the current film environment. Sadly that failed to achieve its goals and the series was not able to be revived. 

It is a series that will actively search for what cult film means today and then produce films from a multitude of genres, directors, actors, producers etc. that might met the criteria. Neodrome will then introduce them via a selection of film introductions from film makers, academics, writers, cultural voices, experimental filmmakers and cultural thinkers.”

The new CULT FILM introduction series season began 10 September with a Triple Bill!

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 News source: Neodrome/2nd Century Cinema.

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