‘Vikings: Godhead’ graphic novel collection reviewed

We review the brand new graphic novel based on History Channel’s epic series, collecting Titan’s four-part ‘Godhead’ arc!

New from Titan Comics is ‘Godhead’, a four-issue comics run collected together into one graphic novel, set between Season 2 and early Season 3 of the History Channel’s hugely successful ‘Vikings’ series’ narrative.  By placing it in this timeframe, we have several characters who have later met their end still being present in the storyline, even though the TV series itself is now dealing with events much later.

Each of the four instalments of the Viking’s story has a different narrator. The first issue, for example, has Floki, Ragnar’s boat builder and trusted friend as the narrator so the action is largely revealed from Floki’s point of view.  The magazine begins initially by setting out who each character is, providing a potted history and a photo of the actor who plays them, so it is not necessary to be hugely familiar with the minute details of the show as the character biographies will give you a broad overview of the motivations and familial relationships.

The storyline is interesting and engaging, switching between the events of Ragnar and his cohorts on a raid and ambassadorial mission to England, and the events of Aslaug and the other women left behind to cope as they may with events in Kattegat. If I have any criticism of the comic aspect it is that the facial features of the characters are not close enough to the actors they portray and it is sometimes difficult to work out which character is doing what, but the graphic style – reminiscent of the Look In comic strip TV tie-ins of the 70s,80’s and early 90’s –  does capture the visual essence of the series and the characters personality traits themselves are well realised.

In addition to a photo gallery of some of the main characters such as Rollo, Ragnar and Lagertha, there are other interesting features such as a biography of the real Ragnar Lothbrok and interviews with Vikings creator Michael Hirst. I’m sure these features will please many of the fans, and they provide a satisfying degree of additional content even if the graphic comic strip style story isn’t entirely your cup of tea,

This should be on the must-have list for any self-respecting ‘Vikings’ fan.

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❉ ‘Vikings: Godhead’ (Writer: Cavan Scott, Artist: Staz Johnson) is published by Titan Comics, and is on sale in comic stores 7 February and on sale in bookstores 21 February 2017. 

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