Video premiere: Mari Dangerfield – ‘Eco-Anxiety’

❉ Rising electronic pop artist is back with a new single from upcoming EP “Eco-Fever”.

Back in January, We Are Cult told you all about West London electro-pop artist Mari Dangerfield’s debut album ‘Love And Other Machines’, and the rising pop star is back with a new single “Eco-Anxiety” from a forthcoming EP “Eco-Fever”. Released to coincide with Earth Day, the new single is a term for the fear of an ecological catastrophe and for the future, as one observes the impact of climate change.

Watch the video now:

Mari notes…”The song has its own unique flavour compared to the rest of the EP. I like to think of it as a hint of 50s barbershop in the vocals, a bit of d’n’b in the instrumental and a bit of pop in the melody. Thematically, all songs make reference to issues within the climate crisis; ‘Eco-Anxiety’ covers the mental burden of living through an ecological crisis; ‘Fashion Haul’ the huge problems of fashion overproduction, overconsumption, underpaid workers and waste; ‘Ruins’ uses melting ice caps and a collapsing building (much like one would find in flooding or fire situations, aggravated by climate change) as metaphors for a failing relationship; Eco-Fever, while being a joyous celebration of the world for all its beauty and wonder, is equally aware of its and humanity’s finite existence, and therefore our need to protect it from the threats it faces”.

Of the video Mari explains…”I filmed the majority of the video for Eco-Anxiety on a warm May day in 2022 in Richmond Park, London, with other clips from various travels. I really enjoyed it because it was all about immersing myself in nature, which is one of my favourite things to do anyway. I remember there were some jackdaws that had a great time dodging the camera every time we tried to film them!”

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