UK Blu-ray debut of ‘The Last Hunter’

❉ Antonio Margheriti’s ‘video nasty’ is the first Blu-ray from new label Treasured Films.

The screen explodes in a blazing spectacle of war, there was no escape for…THE LAST HUNTER!

Following the suicide of his best friend, Captain Henry Morris (David Warbeck) accepts a deadly mission to go behind enemy lines and put a stop to the broadcasting of anti-war propaganda, which is damaging the morale of American troops…

The Last Hunter exclusive artwork by Graham Humphreys (Treasured Films).

Finally making its UK Blu-ray debut, Treasured Films is proud to present former Section 3 ‘video nasty’, Antonio Margheriti’s The Last Hunter (L’Ultimo Cacciatore) as a much-treasured special edition!

Starring David Warbeck (The Beyond, The Black Cat) and Tisa Farrow (Zombie Flesh Eaters, Anthropophagus), Tony King (Cannibal Apocalypse), Bobby Rhodes (Demons), Margie Newton (Zombie Creeping Flesh) and John Steiner (Tenebrae), this is the debut release from UK boutique Blu-ray label TREASURED FILMS; specialising in releasing cult films in definitive editions one can treasure.

Sneak peek of a double-page spread from the 60-page booklet of essays & interviews.

The release will be available at all major outlets (Amazon, HMV, Fopp etc) but if folk ordered directly from they get a webstore exclusive reversible A3 poster.

Street date is 10th April 2023 and the release is LIMITED to 2,000 UNITS only.

One of the original Italian lobby cards included in the The Last Hunter Limited Edition.

The extras in the package are:

Limited Edition Contents

❉ Rigid slipcase with exclusive artwork by Graham Humphreys
❉ 60 page perfect-bound booklet with essays & interviews by Troy Howarth, Eugenio Ercolani and John Martin
❉ 6 collectors’ art cards
Webstore exclusive A3 reversible fold-out poster!

Special Features

❉ New 2K scan and restoration from the original camera negative.
❉ Disc mastered by Fidelity in Motion
The Outsider: Il Cinema Di Antonio Margheriti: The feature length documentary by Edoardo Margheriti as tribute to his father’s career. Released for the first time on Blu-ray with English subtitles.
❉ New audio commentary with Nathaniel Thompson, Troy Howarth & Eugenio Ercolani
Apocalypse Hunter: a new video essay by Eugenio Ercolani
From Dawson To Dawson: a new interview with Edoardo Margheriti
Margie In The Jungle: a new interview with Margie Newton
Jungle Boogie: a new interview with Franco Micalizzi
Mud And Blood: a new interview with Massimo Vanni
❉ Trailer (2K scanned and restored from the Original Camera Negative)
❉ Image Gallery
❉ Reversible cover artwork with original Italian title and artwork
❉ English SDH Subtitles

‘The Last Hunter’ (L’Ultimo Cacciatore). Released on Blu-ray via Treasured Films, 10 April 2023. Certificate: 18. Region: B. LIMITED to 2,000 UNITS only. Order link via Treasured Films.

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