TV Cream’s Anniversary Cassette: Preview

❉ Celebrating defunct pop culture since 1997!

Celebrating defunct pop culture since 1997, TV Cream is the award-winning, feted and much fancied cult online retro repository,  covering not only television, but film, toys, books, and other objects.

The Anniversary Cassette is a video made to celebrate 20 years of the TV Cream website.

Without TV Cream, which first appeared when the internet was less than half its present size, leading the geek chorus there would probably be no Some of the Corpses Are Amusing, Tachyon TV, or indeed the website that you are currently reading.

Here are two previews of the The Anniversary Cassette!

❉ TV Cream’s Anniversary Cassette will be available from from August 31st

❉ News source: TV Cream

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