‘Tommy’s Top Ten’

❉ Fundraising Doctor Who-related free eBook from Season27 Books.

Screenwriter and author Paul Ebbs (Casualty, The Bill, Doctors, Harry Hammer, Book of the Still, Greatest Shop in the Galaxy, BBV, BBC Radio 4) wants you to help fellow writer Tommy Donbavand and his essential fund to provide for his family while he undergoes treatment for cancer a second time.

With that goal in mind Ebbs has put together a collection of his own Doctor Who related #SLEDGEHAMMER reviews, short stories, Doctor Who audio scripts and novel proposals to BBC Books. He then asked Doctor Who artists Adrian Salmon, Martin Geraghty plus playwright and polymath Elton Townend Jones to provide accompanying original artwork and photographs.

The collaborative eBook, “TOMMY’S TOP TEN” is a nearly 150,000 words – almost 600 pages – of free Doctor Who stuff and nonsense. It includes a story about the death of the Doctor’s most famous companion, an audio script about the time the Doctor had to work with a Dalek to beat a common enemy, a visit to Stockbridge to have another adventure with Maxwell Edison, and a script ‘Revenant’ written especially for Colin Baker that fell through at the eleventh hour, which is presented here for the first time anywhere.

Artwork: Martin Geraghty.

The ‘Top Ten’ of the title is a list Tommy provided to Ebbs of his ten favourite Doctor Who stories. This list has been pitched against stunning brand new illustrations by Adrian Salmon and Martin Geraghty (Doctor Who Magazine comic strip artists) and then followed by Ebbs’ tartly irreverent (and a bit sweary) reviews from his 2017 #SLEDGEHAMMER diary. The rest of the stories and scripts have been augmented by Elton’s Townend Jones’ joyous photographs of Doctor Who toys.

To get this book, for free, people should make a donation to Tommy’s Fund here – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tommydonbavand

And then send a copy of their confirmation email from Just Giving (just the date and time of donation – no personal information needed) to this email address: TommysTopTen27@yahoo.com

Any donation amount will do, but Ebbs suggests “between £5-£10 would be a great ballpark figure to pay for the eBook. Once the email has been received, information will be sent out on how to download the pdf of Tommy’s Top Ten.”

There are no plans as yet to make physical copies, but if there is enough interest, that may change.

Ebbs says, “Please help Tommy and get yourself access to some brilliant brand new illustrations and photographs, plus a load of old Doctor Who nonsense from me.”

❉ News source: Season27 Books

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