The Robots of Death reanimated!

❉ Last seen in 1977’s The Robots of Death, Gregory de Polnay returns to voice D84! Please do not throw hands at him.

Big Finish reveals more details of The Robots series from the worlds of BBC’s Doctor Who and announces its renewal for two further volumes of adventures. In The Robots: Volume Four, due for release in June 2021, they are joined by an old friend as Gregory de Polnay returns to voice D84. Last seen in 1977’s The Robots of Death, the original Doctor Who television story where Kaldor first featured, D84 was an undercover agent who helped the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) solve a murder mystery.

V12 and Gregory de Polnay.

Big Finish’s full-cast audio drama series, The Robots, centres around what happens when Liv Chenka (companion of the Eighth Doctor played by Nicola Walker) returns home for a year to join her sister Tula (Claire Rushbrook) among these highly artificially-intelligent androids.

This is the third release in the extended 18-part series based on characters and the world of Kaldor created by Chris Boucher in the classic 1977 Doctor Who TV episode, The Robots of Death.  The character of Liv Chenka, played by Nicola Walker, has been a companion of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, in many Big Finish audio dramas.  BAFTA nominated Claire Rushbrook, playing Tula, is known to Doctor Who fans from her appearances in the TV episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Nicola Walker and Claire Rushbrook.

Producer David Richardson said: “The Robots, as you may know, was originally planned to be four box sets. But, as we went along, we just discovered that we had way too many ideas. We had too much story to tell, and could not do it justice in just 12 episodes. Thankfully, the series has been a huge success and has earned its recommission, and so I’m delighted that we now have six more episodes to explore Liv Chenka’s year on the planet Kaldor.”

The Robots: Volume 4 is now available to pre-order at £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download, exclusively at, and the three new story titles are as follows:

Closed Loop by Guy Adams

Off Grid by Sarah Grochala

The Janus Deception by Robert Whitelock

This will not be the end of the story, as The Robots will return for two further volumes, due for release over the next year.


Director: Ken Bentley
Producer: David Richardson
Script Editor: John Dorney
Written by: Guy Adams, Sarah Grochala, Robert Whitelock
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery 

Duration: 210 minutes approx. 
Released: June 2021, exclusively from the Big Finish website. 

❉ The Robots: Volume 4 is now available to pre-order at the special price of £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download from the Big Finish website.  The Robots: Volumes 5-6 are now available to pre-order as a bundle for just £38 on CD or £33 on download. Visit

Please note that Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, but all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date.

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