The Frixion Cry ‘We Should be Dancing’!

❉ “After the last couple of singles and a raging pandemic we needed a positive track to see this year out”, Gene Serene tells We Are Cult’s Ange Chan.

The synthpop duo The Frixion are back with the brand new single We Should be Dancing and are seeing out the end of this awful year with a positive track which is a track for everyone! And you won’t have much time to wait for this little spark of sunshine to hit the waves. We Should be Dancing is released on Monday 21 December via Bandcamp, you can check it out here.

Globally, we have not witnessed such an atrocious year in most of our lifetimes; death, fear and chaos have reigned supreme as whole countries have been in lockdown and we have spent much more time in our own homes that we normally would have.  Christmas and the end of the year hasn’t offered much reprieve either so now is the time for a little sparkle and positivity in our lives.

Gene, singer with The Frixion said, After the last couple of singles and a raging pandemic we needed a positive track to see this year out” and added, “We need to keep our spirits up. We all want to touch, laugh, dance, be together ‘We Should be Dancing’ says WE WILL DANCE AGAIN!”

Following the positive response to the other two singles that they released this year, the band admitted that they ‘got ahead of themselves by tweaking, mixing, editing, revisiting mixes and remastering everything for the album’  which took much more time they they had anticipated and as a consequence it pushed everything else back a little.

However, the band consider the new song to be their best yet. Is this because its a slice of positivity that we all need right now, because its Christmas, because it gives us hope for the future that we WILL be dancing again, enjoying each other’s company in the secure, familiar setting of music, friends, love and laughter? Maybe it’s all of the above…?  Whatever the reason The Frixion say that “we are putting the song out ourselves as we think the world needs right now!”  And who are we to differ?

❉ ‘We Should Be Dancing’ is released on the 21st December 2020 via Bandcamp and then all other digital platforms.  Click here to buy [streaming & download] on Bandcamp.

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❉ Ange Chan is a freelance writer, having produced two novels and six volumes of poetry.  She was also prolific contributor in the anthology collection Me and the Starman (now available by Cult Ink on Amazon) and is a lifelong lover of music, having first been published in the 1980s music press. As well as being a frequent contributor to the pop culture website We Are Cult, she is also working on a long-standing project, her third novel Champagne Flutes and Pixie Boots, which she wonders will ever get finished.

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