‘The Emergency EP’ released by John Dredge And The Plinths

Debut EP from John Dredge and The Plinths released Mon Jan 29

When Look-In Magazine expert and singer John Dredge met Doctor Doom expert and guitarist MJ Hibbett, a songwriting partnership was born.  With the addition of Star Wars enthusiast Andy Harland on drums and mystery man Bob Burgons on bass, John Dredge and The Plinths emerged, closely followed by ‘The Emergency EP.’

The four songs are released on Monday 29 January, accompanied by a video for lead track ‘Going Down’ filmed by the band themselves in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Other tracks on the EP include ‘Alison Alien’, a homage to John Hughes’ legendary movie ‘The Breakfast Club’, and ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’, which features a full marching kazoo band.

‘The Plinths cannot be gainsayed,’ says Dredge, although nobody is quite sure what he means.

‘The Emergency EP’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, and all download sites, as well as directly from the band via their Bandcamp site  http://johndredgetheplinths.bandcamp.com.

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