Suzi Quatro’s Pleasure Seekers – ‘What A Way To Die!’ available to pre-order from Sundazed

❉ Sundazed to reissue Suzi Quatro & co’s garage rock classic on limited edition fluorescent pink vinyl!

The archetype for the ’60s-era girl group was etched indelibly into stone, like a commandment: three pretty girls with matching outfits and bouffant hairdos would sing, with musical backing supplied by a bunch of guys standing in the shadows.The Quatro sisters shattered that archetype forever with The Pleasure Seekers, an all-girl teenage rock & roll group who played all the instruments themselves and were fully capable of wiping the stage with any male band that crossed their path.

The Detroit garage band the Pleasure Seekers originally comprised sisters Suzi, Patti, and Arlene Quatro, the daughters of jazz musician Art Quatro. The group started while the siblings were all still in their teens. They quickly transcended novelty status by writing their own material and playing their own instruments, and made their debut in 1966 with the local hit “Never Thought You’d Leave Me,” released on the Hideout label (the recording arm of the local teen club where Suzi reportedly worked as a counter clerk).


A year later they jumped to Mercury for “Light of Love.” Eldest sister Arlene soon exited the Pleasure Seekers to begin a family – among her children was actress Sherilyn Fenn, best known for her work in the TV cult series Twin Peaks – and was replaced by another Quatro sister, Nancy. Throughout the remainder of the decade the band toured relentlessly, even appearing at a USO showcase at the peak of the Vietnam War, but mainstream success continued to elude them. Around 1969, the Pleasure Seekers rechristened themselves Cradle, a move which also heralded a harder-edged sound; by the early ’70s, however, the trio disbanded, with Suzi going on to fame as a solo performer (as well as co-starring on the hit sitcom Happy Days as the legendary Leather Tuscadero) while Patti joined the California band Fanny.

❉ Intro By DJ The Lord
❉ Gotta Get Away
❉ Never Thought You’d Leave Me
❉ Light Of Love
❉ Good Kind Of Hurt
❉ What A Way To Die
❉ Elevator Express
❉ Locked In Your Love
❉ White Pig Blues
❉ Brain Confusion

❉ In stores December 12, 2016, or available to pre-order from Sundazed.

❉ Biographical details reproduced from allmusic.

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