‘Super Connected’ – New Single & Video From Tim Arnold

❉ New single from Tim Arnold’s upcoming ‘Screen Album’, released May 7th.

‘Digital Diet’: Dixie McDevitt as Bella in ‘Super Connected’ © Tim Arnold 2021

Super Connected is the new album and feature-length film from singer songwriter and We Are Cult favourite Tim Arnold. The first scene from the ‘screen album’ is being released as a standalone single and music video on May 7th.  The single is available on Tim’s Bandcamp.

Tim Arnold set about creating a visual story to accompany his next album, creating what he describes as a Screen Album – a digital age take on the narrative-driven concept album. The movie fuses elements of film drama, magical realism, animation and music video. The main roles are played by Kate Alderton (daughter of celebrated TV couple Pauline Collins and John Alderton)Dixie McDevitt (granddaughter of cult hero of British theatre, Ken Campbell) and Tim Arnold in his first acting role.

Click through the YouTube link above to set a reminder for the Video Premiere Midnight 7th May and subscribe to Tim Arnold’s YouTube channel for more exclusive content!

Following the story of a tech-dependent family, Super Connected explores the burgeoning mental health crisis emerging from our increased isolation and dependency on social media.  Each song and each scene asks questions about the humanity Vs technology debate.

Collaborators include costume design by the legendary Hazel Pethig, whose credits include Doctor Who, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits, Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut, and Stephen Fry, who provides a vocal cameo. (Full Cast and Creative credits here).  

Dixie McDevitt, Tim Arnold and Kate Alderton. © Tim Arnold 2021

Fans will have to subscribe to the official Super Connected website. to get to see and hear the full screen album.

Tim says: “So far, the journey of Super Connected has been steeped in beautiful connections between each new individual who has worked on the project. We now want to extended that connection to the audience.  Everyone is welcome to the private screenings and playbacks, but you do have to sign up for an invite. There’s no rush to make this available in the general public.  We want to bring people together and expand the spirit of connection, creativity and community in small intimate gatherings.”

The first Super Connected event ‘Connect With the Cast’ will be held online on Fri. May 14th, 7.30pm BST.  An evening of conversation, sneak previews, live music and Q & A. RSVP for an invite: connect@superconnected.technology 

❉ Tim Arnold Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/3gHHEQI

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