St Lucifer preview ‘Biphoria/The Violation of St Lucifer’

❉ St Lucifer curate a double album’s worth of b-sides, rarities, new music, reworkings and remixes.

After an eventful 2019, Manchester’s St Lucifer are still putting the pedal to the (black)metal(gaydisco) in 2020. As part of their process of constant renewal and reinvention, the band has curated a double album’s worth of b-sides, rarities, new music, reworkings and remixes in the form of Biphoria / The Violation of St Lucifer.

Core members David and Alice have described the first disc (Biphoria) as a companion piece to their two albums to date – as well as a tribute to the first two incarnations of the band. Live favourites like Frequency and Tabula Rasa sit alongside hellraising covers – Cabaret Voltaire’s Nag Nag Nag and Big Black’s incendiary Kerosene – along with some updated and remastered rarities, such as early non-album single Beowulf and the politically charged anti-Brexit rant that is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The Violation of St Lucifer is billed as a reinvention of some of their best known tracks – including remixes by labelmates like DEF NEON, Vieon, and Nature of Wires. Artists such as Petrol Bastard and Valentich also bring their unique sounds to the party, teasing out the essence of the St Lucifer sound and turning it into something new, and, in the case of Petrol Bastard, very unexpected!

The working processes behind the two albums were very different, says David:

“There are a some new ‘bits’ on Biphoria and we did have a fair bit of ‘fun’ with remastering and editing stuff from 4 years ago to get it all to a point where all the songs sounded like they were ‘cut from the same cloth’ so to speak.

There’s one track where I’ve re-recorded my lead vocal as, frankly the original version was a bit embarrassing, while there are quite a few ‘level this/eq-that’ bits that no one other than us would notice.

A big highlight though is the brand-new recording of Push the Button – “we used to play this live a lot, but it kind of dropped off the radar after we stuck it out on a label sampler and promptly forgot about it. This version, however, takes it in a completely different direction. It’s basically Alice, myself and a couple of mystery guests on bass and keyboards/vocals – it was also an absolute joy to record. You can really hear the positive vibes in the room. A little taste of where we might be going next.”

❉ ‘Biphoria / The Violation of St Lucifer’ is released on AnalogueTrash, in collaboration with Manchester’s Valentine Records. Preview/pre-order on Bandcamp HERE.

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