Rusty Egan Presents ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’

❉ Five years in the making, Visage founder Rusty Egan’s electronic masterpiece is ready to pre-order on PledgeMusic now.

“I do strongly believe if you love my radio shows, Visage and all my former productions and ever came to my clubs back in the day, you will love this” – Rusty Egan

Five years in the making, the long awaited debut from the legendary original Blitz Club DJ and Visage founding member Rusty Egan, featuring Peter Hook, Tony Hadley and many more, ‘Welcome to the Dancefloor’ is ready to pre-order on PledgeMusic now.

Joining Rusty in the producer’s chair is Nick Bitzenis aka Nikonn.


In Rusty Egan’s own words:

As a writer, programmer, drummer, and backing vocalist, it was quite a task to complete my own album. I turned to my programmer/producer son Oscar Egan for help with Wunderwerke and Thank You and started them in my home studio. For Love Is Coming My Way, I asked Mat McKenzie  to try a few synth lines and loved them. Andy Huntley on Hero hits the perfect pitch, and Kira Porter – Where The Night Falls – on Be The Man & Emily Kavanaugh – Nightclub makes Evermore their own. Erik Stein of Cult With No Name joined us for 2 songs on vocals for Love Is Coming My Way & Ballet Dancer, and Tony Hadley makes Lonely Highway just sublime. Opening song and single from the album is The Otherside ft. Peter Hook on bass and lead vocals. Arno Carstens features on Dreamer. Anni Hogan contributed a great song rewritten and recorded ft Nicole Clarke. Keeping back a few surprises and a guest singer and amazing songwriter has co-written and recorded an absolutely brilliant performance.

Check out some snippets of ‘Welcome to the Dancefloor’ on SoundCloud:

❉ Pre-order ‘Welcome to the Dancefloor’ on download, CD or pressed on 180g Vinyl, alongside exclusive merch and more on PledgeMusic now. 

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