‘Robin of Sherwood: The Audio Adventures’

❉ Michael Praed and Jason Connery return as ROBIN OF SHERWOOD, alongside the original cast, on audio!

Award-winning production company, Spiteful Puppet, have once again joined with independent Producer/Director Barnaby Eaton-Jones and ITV Studios, to deliver a brand-new box-set of audio adventures for fans of the iconic 1980’s show: Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood.

You can listen to the trailer for this box-set here:

This set of four audio adventures brings back Michael Praed as the original Robin Hood, alongside the majority of the original cast. The late Robert Addie, as Sir Guy of Gisburne, is replaced with Freddie Fox (reprising his role as Gisburne in the crowd-funded the feature-length The Knights of the Apocalypse, which began the journey of new Robin of Sherwood on audio), the late John Abineri as Herne is voiced by his sound-a-like son, Daniel Abineri, and Ray Winstone as Will Scarlet is absent (due to scheduling conflicts) and is temporarily replaced by the amazing Jon Culshaw doing a pitch perfect vocal impersonation.

Jon Culshaw © Kim Jones.

“What a delight it was to be part of this classic tale. To take on the role of Will Scarlett was a real privilege. It was great to be guided by and keep true to the superb way Ray Winstone created the character – visceral, medieval, moral and steadfast. A warrior force for good! You wouldn’t mess with him!” – Jon Culsaw (Will Scarlet)

Jason Connery also returns as Robin Hood in a very special two-part adventure which imagines what would have happened at the start of Series Four (had the series not been cancelled at the last minute on television, due to funding issues).

Guest stars for these stories range from Adam Morris, playing a very evil version of the outlaw (who also played Robin Hood in Sir Tony Robinson’s classic BBC comedy Maid Marian and her Merry Men, where he was credited as Wayne Morris), to Carla Mendonca’s nasty Witch Hunter (CITV’s My Parents Are Aliens, CBBC’s So Awkward and recently playing a female re-working of Jekyll & Hyde called Henrietta & Eleanor for Audible).

Carla Mendonca and Clive Mantle © Kim Jones.

“I am very happy to reprise Little John. It was a hugely enjoyable period in my career and any chance to relive those days is never passed by.” – Clive Mantle (Little John)

Returning to reprise their original television roles are Clive Mantle as Little John, Judi Trott as Lady Marion, Mark Ryan as Nasir, Phil Rose as Friar Tuck, Peter Llewellyn Williams as Much, Claire Toeman as Meg of Wickham, and Nickolas Grace as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Nickolas Grace © Kim Jones.

“The Sheriff of Nottingham is particularly thrilled that you supporters are still gathered in faithful clusters around the country, and are awaiting his return! After 35 years, he’s flattered that so many of you still believe in his virtue and talent to rule Nottinghamshire, and ultimately the country! The new episodes may not contain any juicy water-closet or back-brushing bath scenes, but there is plenty of Sheriff mischief, naughtiness and decadence to satisfy you followers for at least another year! Continue to support your local Sheriff!” – Nickolas Grace (Sheriff of Nottingham)

In 2015 Spiteful Puppet was awarded a BBC Audio Drama Award and 2 trophies from the New York Festival for Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4Extra early in 2016.

From December 12th, the ‘Audio Adventures’ will be on general release as a physical box-set of four CDs in DVD-style packaging and also individual digital downloads of each story will be available too. These are available from the Spiteful Puppet website www.spitefulpuppet.com (with other audio adventures for your listening pleasure as well).

The box-set contains four new audio adventures:


By Paul Birch & Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Starring MICHAEL PRAED (Set during Series One)


By Tony Lee
Starring MICHAEL PRAED (Set during Series Two)


By Iain Meadows
Starring JASON CONNERY (Set after Series Three, as the start of Series 4 – before ‘The Knights of the Apocalypse’)


By Jennifer Ash (from a story by Barnaby Eaton-Jones)
Starring PETER LLEWELLYN WILLIAMS (Set during Series Three)

Sound Design: Joseph Fox
Soundtrack: Arpeggio Creative
Script Editor: Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Produced & Directed by Barnaby Eaton-Jones

Spiteful Puppet Entertainment Ltd specialises in producing full cast plays and enhanced audio books. In 2015 Spiteful Puppet was awarded a BBC Audio Drama Award and 2 trophies from the New York Festival for the ‘Hood’ series, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4Extra early in 2016.

‘Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse’ won the New York Festival award in 2016 for Best Original Drama.

❉ News source: Spiteful Puppet Entertainment Ltd. Television series Robin of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter.

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