‘Red White and Who – The Story of Doctor Who in America’ reviewed

❉  One of the most essential books to come out on ‘Doctor Who’ this decade.

Doctor Who used to be a cult show in America. That’s hard to believe these days considering its MASSIVE popularity and success in the country.  With millions of dollars in revenue (re)generated from merchandising and theatre tickets, high viewing figures on BBC America and thousands flocking to dedicated conventions, the show is at an all-time high in the public’s consciousness.  But how did ‘Doctor Who’ get to this point? Well, it’s funny you should ask that….

Red, White and Who from ATB Publishing endeavours to tell the tale of ‘Doctor Who’ in America from its Canadian-flavoured beginnings in 1965 (!?) to the current day phenomenon it has become. Does it succeed? That’s up to you to decide, but for this reviewer it manages to encapsulate everything you could possibly need to know in its 700+ page tome covering the last 52 years of American ‘Who’ history. It’s gloriously…. almost disgustingly detailed. Inside you’ll learn all about the fandom’s expansion onto the internet, the woman who “married” a Dalek in the ’60s, that time JN-T started a war between PBS and its viewers, and the lost American stage play The Inheritors of Time.

All of the above just scratches the surface, as the book also doubles as a resource guide that lists all of the Doctor Who conventions to have taken place, fan publications, the infamous DW celebrity cabaret acts at conventions and much, much more. Make no mistake, it’s an exhaustively researched document on the American Doctor Who fandom.

Of course none of this would be possible without the diligent work of Red, White and Who’s six authors: Steven Warren Hill, Jennifer Adams Kelley, Nicholas Seidler, Robert Warnock,  Janine Fennick and John Lavalie. The team has worked tirelessly to bring this massive project together to document their fandom with such aplomb.

Do yourself a favour and preorder one of the most essential books to come out on ‘Doctor Who’ this decade. Every ‘Doctor Who’ fan should have this on their shelves.

❉ ‘Red, White and Who’ is published by ATB Publishing on August 21, 2017. Click here to order.

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