Premiere: Mary and The Ram — ‘The Cross’ Video

❉ Mixed by legendary producer John Fryer of 4AD fame and This Mortal Coil.

We Are Cult are proud to be able to premiere the video for single ‘The Cross‘ from York-based Mary and The Ram. The single was mixed by legendary producer John Fryer of 4AD fame and This Mortal Coil

The video was shot and directed in York, by Mary and The Ram’s Kiran Tanna. It was produced by VIAPERFORMANCE, with visuals designed by Harold and Arthur’s Horror Show. It stars Kiran Tanna and fashion model, Gemma-Louise Keane.

“It’s a surreal and neon fever-dream; a vivid, drunken reflection of its creators.”

Kiran Tanna on the process and the inspiration:

“We wanted to create something extremely intimate, so I got together with our collaborators and discussed shooting a ritual, something that tapped into the words I had written and the music we’d recorded; then I spent a weekend in the studio by myself working on a range of images we might shoot. We shot in a black box in York, over a relatively short twenty four hours. I wanted to make sure that the process of making it ran parallel to the sentiments of the song… Which is why I decided to work one on one, with fashion model, Gemma-Louise Keane. There was no crew and no cast involved in the final shoot… Only participants. I was in a hotel in Krakow, a few days before the shoot, when it struck me that we should do it this way… Two bodies. Very little costume. Mostly skin. Surreal. Neon. Closeups. Full of occult sexuality. NSFW. And that it should document a process that we would participate in, ourselves: a coming together and a falling apart into something new. Dom is in Boston at the moment and so the band is, itself, in two places at once. I hope that there’s something of that distance in the video, and that, in this void, it remains an examination of the individual as a sexual, fragile, subject. Or something like that. I won’t talk much about the cube. Or the bodies. Or mist. At it’s heart it’s a lament… A eulogy. A cry. And, I think, an omen.”

❉ ‘The Cross’ by Mary and The Ram out now from Anonymous Records

❉ News source: Shameless PR/Shauna McLarnon

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