Podcast of the Week: Twenty Thousand Hertz

This week: A podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognisable and interesting sounds.

We’re big fans of podcasts here at We Are Cult, and we’re always looking for more shows to subscribe to. So if you’re looking for ear candy, we’re here to help!

This week: Host Dallas Taylor tells us all about Twenty Thousand Hertz, a podcast that tells the stories behind the world’s most recognisable & interesting sounds.

What’s your podcast about?

The stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.

If you had to describe your show in 10 words or less, what would you say?

A podcast about sound.

Which episode would you recommend for a first-time listener? Do you have a favourite episode?

My favourite episode is about what other planets would sound like to our ears, but first-time listeners might really enjoy The Wilhelm Scream.


What inspired you to create this podcast?

Sound is typically the least thought about sense we have as humans. I wanted to share stories about the things we hear in order to get us all more in-tune with this incredible sense.

Which guests have you had on your podcast so far?

We’ve talked to television, film, and game Sound Designers as well as many scientists and experts in their respective fields.

Who would be your dream guest?

Anyone who has an incredible story about sound!

Which equipment do you use for your podcast set-up?

I use a Shure SM7B going into a Sound Devices Mixpre-6 to record narration. Then we mix everything in Pro Tools.

What would you say is the best length of time for a podcast episode?

If it’s highly edited and produced than I would say 20-25 minutes.

Which podcasts (other than yours) would you recommend we listen to?

Reply All, 99% Invisible, Criminal, Song Exploder

Where is your podcast available to listen to?

Everywhere you find podcasts! You can find us at:




Subscribe on your favourited podcast plater at 20k.org/subscribe.

What is the future of podcasting as a creative medium?

I wish I knew! I’m really excited to hear more and more fiction. I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of audio-only fiction.

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