Podcast of the Week: The StageLeft Podcast

❉ The Stageleft Podcast lifts the veil on the music industry, giving a new insight of the working practices of the greats.

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This week: The Stageleft Podcast lifts the veil on the music industry, giving a new insight of the working practices of the greats. Featuring in depth interviews with musicians who’ve worked closely with David Bowie, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Bob Dylan & more.

What’s your podcast about?

The StageLeft podcast lifts the veil on the music industry by telling the stories of those with a unique vantage point. Our focus are those not always in the spotlight – the often overlooked bassist/ guitarist, drummer or keyboardist. As part of this process we glean advice for young musicians going into an ever complex industry from those who have worked with the greats.

If you had to describe your show in 10 words or less, what would you say?

Telling the stories of the unsung heroes behind the success

Which episode would you recommend for a first-time listener? Do you have a favourite episode?

David Bowie producer Tony Visconti appeared on the show just days before Bowie’s passing to tell us in depth about the recording and collaboration on Bowie’s final album Blackstar. When listened to retrospectively it’s a moving listen as there are questions that Tony must have found difficult to answer as he was one of the very few people in the world that knew of David’s illness. The show was met with international acclaim from Bowie fans, which can be read below – 

“Amazing questions, Amazing timing, Amazing interviewer, BRAVO!”

“Really fantastic interview, great job! I really feel honored to listen to this.”

“For me, this is therapeutic as I am still dealing with Davids passing. Again, thank you.”

“Fascinating !. edit, ..no Outstanding”

“Only very rarely does one get to know the details about the making of a masterpiece. Many thanks for this.”

“How good was this interview with this great producer?”

What inspired you to create this podcast?

In the UK the arts funding was drastically cut by the Government whilst simultaneously University fees were tripled. I felt young musicians needed a free resource to support their development. Who better to get advice from than Michael Jackson’s guitarist? Or Elvis Presley’s pianist? Or the man who wrote Sittin’ on the Dock of they Bay

Which guests have you had on your podcast so far?

We’ve had musicians who have recorded or played live with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, The 1975, Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Prodigy, Bjork, Dave Gilmour, Morrissey, Sum 41, Alanis Morissette, Stone Roses and many more. 

We have upcoming episodes with Richard Fortus of Guns ‘n Roses, Wolfgang Flur of Kraftwerk & George Vjestica of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. 

Who would be your dream guest?

It has to be Sir Paul McCartney, however – he wouldn’t exactly fit the bill as a StageLeft musician! I am sure i could bend the rules somehow in the case! We had Laurence Juber on discussing being in Wings with McCartney, which was very interesting. As it happens, I am a musician myself under the name ‘Last Wilderness’ and through the podcast I was lucky enough that both Laurence & Shane Keister (Elvis’ pianist) guest on the debut album. What a privilege that was!  

Which equipment do you use for your podcast set-up?

I believe big set ups (with mic stands and mixing desks) can act as a subconscious barrier in interviews. It makes an interview seem like an ‘interview.’ I want to catch the ‘two people having a chat over a drink’ vibe so I ensure I am recording in a quiet environment and use a DVT4000 Phillips Voicetracer placed between the guest and I. The best bit of advice I can give however was given to me by Ben Green – who is an award winning Podcast producer for The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast – who uses a free piece of software called The Levelator in post production to ‘levelate’ the voices. Try it! Saves hours! The past few episodes have also had audio support from John Meredith of Armyourears. 

What would you say is the best length of time for a podcast episode?

That would depend on what the podcast is trying to achieve. If it takes 25mins, then so be it. StageLeft often covers subject matters in depth so ours are normally an hour or more. Quality not quantity should be the key here! Podcasts allow the listener to embrace the chance to invest time, it’s the opposite of modern day fast tracking/corner cutting/140-charactering so take as much time as you need!

Which podcasts (other than yours) would you recommend we listen to?

The Guardian Football Weekly Podcast – a multiple award winning show which i was lucky enough to help out on over the summer.

E10 Mess Football Podcast (it follows the plight of Leyton Orient and if you are not a fan of theirs it doesn’t matter as it documents a club in a tricky situation right now)

WTF with Marc Maron (Probably the best known Podcast on the planet given he even had President Barack Obama as a guest!)

Athletico Mince – silly humour from a UK comedy legend – Bob Mortimer.

Where is your podcast available to listen to?

Spotify, Audioboom, iTunes, www.thestageleftpodcast.com, YouTube & all Podcast apps such as Stitcher.

What is the future of podcasting as a creative medium?

More niche + greater quantity of producers = greater choice for listeners.

The StageLeft Podcast can be heard here: www.thestageleftpodcast.com



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