Podcast of the Week: The Countdown

❉ The Countdown: A comedic podcast offering REAL movie & TV reviews to help you make the tough decision on what to watch next.

We’re big fans of podcasts here at We Are Cult, and we’re always looking for more shows to subscribe to. So if you’re looking for ear candy, we’re here to help!

This week: The Countdown, a weekly comedic podcast by two massive film buffs who each week tackle a movie or TV-related list and count it down from 10 to 1 in order of awesomeness to help you make the tough decision on what to watch next. There are also reviews of the biggest brand new releases as well as the occasional classic film.

What’s your podcast about?

The Countdown is a weekly comedic podcast in which my best friend (Wayne) and I (Paul) countdown some kind of film or television related list from 10 to 1, comparing and contrasting said lists, and having a laugh at each other’s choices (when we disagree). We also review the latest film releases and add in a few rotating segments to keep things fresh and (hopefully) interesting.

If you had to describe your show in 10 words or less, what would you say?

Good-natured but NSFW banter about film taste (or lack thereof).

Which episode would you recommend for a first-time listener? Do you have a favourite episode?

If a first-time listener went back to our 100th episode, that’s actually a “best of” Ep in which we revisited the ten biggest controversies we’d had on the show until that point, and checked in as to whether anyone was willing to back down on their previously stated view. But my fave episodes are probably more recent: Ep 139 featuring Emily from The Story Behind Podcast counting down the Top 10 Teen Films was hilarious, and close behind it was when we had Dan and Caleb from the Netflix N Swill podcast on (Ep 126), talking the Ten Most Overrated Movies. (Sorry, that was two!)

What inspired you to create this podcast?

There were three main inspirations. The first was having had a child, I found myself listening to a great many podcasts through the very long nights when she was young (my daughter did not sleep through the night until she was almost two years old). The more I listened, the more convinced I became that I could produce something fun and entertaining. The second was creating a podcast would give me a chance to catch up regularly with my co-host and record the types of things we often debated and laughed about. The third was that we’re both creative people, and creating a podcast was a great outlet for that side of ourselves that we had neglected for too long.

Which guests have you had on your podcast so far?

We’ve had a heap of indie podcasters on since we began in March 2015, like The Epic Film Guys who are our oldest podcasting buddies. But we’ve also had John Rocha from The Top 10 Show on the Schmoes Know network and The Cine-Files on. And I’ve interviewed a few directors of genre films like Richard Bates Jr and Kiah Roache-Turner. But our biggest interviewee so far has been Jenette Goldstein – Private Vasquez herself from Aliens.

Who would be your dream guest?

Joss Whedon, no question. I’d love to hear him talk through his career, and then count down the Top 10 Buffy/Angel Eps with us.

Which equipment do you use for your podcast set-up?

We have a bunch of Audio Technica ATR-2100s for mics, a Behringer mixing board, and I edit with Audacity – it more than gets the job done.

What would you say is the best length of time for a podcast episode?

That really depends on the type of show and the format the hosts opt for. Some things (like serialised dramas) lend themselves to being shorter. Whereas other types of shows (like role playing podcasts) need to be hours long.

Which podcasts (other than yours) would you recommend we listen to?

Oh wow, where to start? Well, I don’t normally listen to the “big shows”. Most of my listening time goes into other indie podcasts. The shows I’ve mentioned so far are all great: Epic Film Guys, The Story Behind, and Netflix N Swill. And beyond them, there’s So I Married a Movie Geek, Comic Confidential, Rabbit Ears TV Podcast, the Retro Cinema Podcast, Shaken Not Nerd, Who Spiked The Puns?, Two Peas on a Podcast, Fans on Patrol, So Wizard podcast, Super Movie Bros, More Gooder Than, Via VHS podcast, Masterdebaters podcast, Was It Worth It podcast, Twisted Philly, Skip to the End, Quote Unquote Guilty, Cadaver Cast and Podcasts We Listen To. Is that enough? lol

Where is your podcast available to listen to?

Just about everywhere: iTunes, Podomatic, Stitcher, Spreaker, Podbean and we’ve recently been added to Spotify. No Google Play though, they still don’t add Australian podcasts :/

What is the future of podcasting as a creative medium?

I think the sky is the limit. An on-demand listening medium in which you’re not waiting for a radio station to (hopefully) play the songs/content you want is pure gold! The fact that there is no gatekeeping of it (yet!) means anyone can do it, so there is probably a topic about just about anything someone could have a healthy interest in.

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