Patreon campaign: Martin Day’s Charnage House

❉ Writer Martin Day is creating Charnage House – a series of atmospheric thriller novels.

Martin Day is writing a novel – and he wants to release it one chapter at a time! Each month, you make a  small payment to Patreon, and he will send you the next chapter.

A freelance writer for over 25 years, Martin Day is the author of eleven novels and audiobooks, and two audio plays for Big Finish. His credits include the Doctor Who novels The Sleep of Reason (“one of the most elegant Doctor Who novels ever written” – SFX) and Wooden Heart.

He’s also contributed to Doctors (BBC1), Family Affairs (Channel Five) and Fair City (RTÉ), was lead writer on CBBC’s Crisis Control, and has written comic strips, short stories and journalism for everyone from the NME to the Times Educational Supplement. Martin Day is currently the Wessex area rep for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, and an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

How to Disappear Completely, the first in the Charnage House series, will be his first truly original full-length piece of fiction: “It’s time to emerge from other people’s worlds and show people my own.”

“How to Disappear Completely begins what I hope will be a series of Charnage House books (I’ve got at least three plotted and have written a fair chunk of the first). Each novel is self-contained, though (to borrow a TV term) there will be some serial elements.”

How to Disappear Completely concerns an anarchist couple, Amber and Eddy. Whisked from a march in London, they find themselves in Charnage House, and… Well, if you want to find out more, pledge your support today. “Each month, you make a (probably small) payment to Patreon, and I send you the next chapter. It’s that simple.”

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