Out now: Michele Soavi’s ‘The Sect’ in blood-soaked High Definition

❉ Satanic sacrifice, face-ripping gore and a channel-hopping bunny!


Now in stock from Shameless Screen Entertainment, the eagerly awaited 2K HD restored Blu-ray of ‘The Sect’, from director Michele Soavi (‘The Church’, ‘Dellamorte Dellamore’) and writer/producer Dario Argento (‘Suspiria’), in its longest version ever, entirely faithful to Soavi’s original vision of occult and zoogenic mayhem.


Special features

❉ 2K restored and remastered
❉ Exclusive interview with director Michele Soavi
❉ English stereo audio, Italian 5.1 audio with optional first ever English subtitles
❉ Longest version ever: 117 mins
❉ Aspect ratio: 1.78:1?
❉ Shameless Trailer Park

Order now on Blu-ray

❉ ‘The Sect’ is released by Shameless Screen Entertainment on Blu-ray (SHAM204), RRP £12.99..

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