Ode to ‘Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox’

❉ Colin Baker joins Katy Manning and Susan Jameson in new series of the award-winning ‘Baker’s End’!

A pox be upon you all!

Yes, Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox is out today. Colin Baker dons the furry cat costume and battered crown for the first time!

“Hooray! Hooray!

The King of Cats is back!

And so is the rest of his pack:

Mrs. Frimbly, Suzy and the Reverend too.

With this pox in town there’s left only but a few.

But that’s not all!

Writer Paul Magrs has got some gall!

His Baker has gone from ‘T’ to ‘C’!

(That’s ‘Tom’ and ‘Colin’ to you and me…)

The change has gone unexplained,

But his insanity is still untamed!

When things go all merksome and swervish,

The cast gets simply delish.

The delightful Katy Manning is Suzy Goshawk,

Who’s wonderfully resourceful when things go amok.

Susan Jameson is Mrs. Frimbly.

She has a knack for saying things grimly.

Lest we forget the vampires, rats and sweary vicars!

Whether you laugh or cry….put on a fresh pair of knickers.

Colin’s ‘Baker’s End’ brings its A-Game.

As much as it changes, the more it stays the same.

It’s all gone frightfully meta.

However, it keeps getting better and better.

So go out and grab a friend,

And let them get stuck in Baker’s End.

I promise it’ll never get on your Tits.

So buy a copy for your grubby mitts.

Colin Baker, best known for playing the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who, has joined the cast of the award-winning audio drama series Baker’s End.

❉ Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox was released on CD and download on 6 October 2017, and will be available from www.bafflegab.co.uk or Amazon.

❉ Ian McCann is a regular contributor to We Are Cult and editor of The Casual Nexus, home of the ‘Chronological Hysteresis’ series.

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