Obverse Books’ Black Archive goes monthly!

❉ Obverse Books’ range of Doctor Who monographs ramps up its schedule.

Independent publishers Obverse Books have announced that their series of Black Archive books will be moving to a monthly schedule in 2018 “due to the sheer quality and number of fascinating pitches we’ve received or commissioned for the Black Archive, and the success of those already released.”

To accommodate the extra workload of such an increased release schedule, Jim Cooray Smith (author of, amongst many other things, the Black Archive on ‘The Massacre’) has agreed to take up an editorial role on the range.

For the uninitiated, The Black Archive series is a set of story-specific volumes that take a particular serial from Doctor Who, and explore and analyse its themes and approaches at length, affording them a broader canvas for exploration as individual stories part of a wider whole.

In the words of publisher Stuart Douglas: “They’re a Doctor Who related version of the BFI Classics books – populist but academic, rigorous but reader-friendly, shedding new light on an old subject.”

Asked about the changes, range editor Philip Purser-Hallard pointed out:

“While it was never our intention to cover all of Doctor Who, it’s become clear since our launch that there are even more stories worthy of the Black Archive treatment than we imagined, and even more disparate voices hoping to write about them. Our 12-title 2018 lineup is already looking impressive, with some new and familiar names covering Doctor Who from its first season to its most recent, so I think our readers will agree this is the right direction for the series.”

Full details of the amended schedule will be released shortly.

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❉ Visit http://www.blackarchive.co.uk for more details


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