New single: Paul Zone & Donna Destri sing Sonny & Cher

❉ Paul Zone, Donna Destri, Man Parrish & Richard Citroen are pleased to announce the release of “Paul & Donna Sing Sonny & Cher” by Paul Zone and Donna Destri.

A “Double A-Side” single, it’s a loving tribute to the 60’s icons that shows that there was more to them than just “I Got You Babe”.

Paul Zone is best known as the lead singer of Man2Man (UK #4 single “Male Stripper”) as well as fronting New York glam/punk legends The Fast. Donna Destri is best known for her work with Blondie (UK #1 single “Maria”) as well as her work with Ronnie Spector and many more.
Producer Man Parrish, best known for his work with Man2Man, Gloria Gaynor and his own “Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)” is something of a legend. His Eurodisco take on “It’s The Little Things” continues to build on it.

Producer Richard Citroen, best known for his work with Lola Dutronic (“Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead”) would very much like to be a legend too! His booming widescreen take on “Just You” might just make him one.

Writing for Punk Globe, singer-songwriter Kristian Hoffman (The Mumps, Klaus Nomi, James Chance & The Contortions et al) writes of this new single:

This new Paul Zone/Donna Destri record plays on the great duets by people who share an ideal friendship – Paul and Paula, Dick and Dee Dee, Steve and Edie, and of course Sonny and Cher, and yes, even John and Yoko. Like a synth celebratory Christmas Carol dedicated to eternal friendship, here comes the duet by Paul Zone (The Fast, Man 2 Man, Blow Up) and Donna Destri (MainMan artiste, who has sung with Blondie, Ronnie Spector, Cherry Vanilla, Jayne County, Johnny Thunders, The Fast, Man 2 Man, and her own band Voodoo Shoes). Dedicated to the occasionally fraught companionship, yet the undying love and mutual cultural adventurism of Salvatore Bono and Cherilyn Sarkisian, it brings a new sweetness and relevance to a canon that has occasionally been dismissed.

A “DOUBLE A-SIDE”, “It’s the Little Things” is produced by Man Parrish (Hip Hop Be Bop Don’t Stop), who has also worked with Michael Jackson, the Village People, Company B, and Klaus Nomi, and more more more!. “Just You” is produced by Richard Citroen (Lola Dutronic featuring Mike Garson, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, The Diodes, Paul Hyde, and more more more!). Both songs are a lovely evocation of a Shangri-La’s world by way of the Eurythmics, with only the faintest whiff of affectionate ironic distance.

“Just You” was originally released on the Sonny & Cher LP “Look At Us”, on ATCO records, which contained the iconic “I Got You Babe” as well as oddly apt contemporary cover versions like “Then He Kissed Me” and “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me”. “It’s the Little Things” was released on Sonny and Cher’s attempt to capitalize on the Beatles’ and Herman’s Hermits’ successful films, with a vaguely “Laugh-In”/”Monkees” instance, to somewhat indifferent results. But there’s nothing wrong with the beautiful soundtrack. Bizarrely, the film was directed by William “Exorcist” Friedkin, and starred George “Children of the Damned” Sanders! It’s admirable that Paul and Donna can separate Sonny and Cher from their tabloid history (much of it defensible, and amusing, but some of it absolutely indefensible) and come out with something that just celebrates love, music, and eternal connection!

(Read Kristian’s full article here).

❉ “Paul & Donna Sing Sonny & Cher” by Paul Zone and Donna Destri, out now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

❉ News source: Richard Citroen.

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