New episode of ‘Cops and Monsters’ due for release

❉ November sees the release of episode 5 of the award-winning indie supernatural web-series.

November sees the release of “Revolution in a Teacup”, episode 5 of award winning supernatural web-series ‘Cops and Monsters’ over at


‘Cops and Monsters’ follows the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS) as they police the vampire, werewolf and supernatural community in a near-future Scotland.

When a killer werewolf, tagged Lycan A202, goes on a murderous rampage, it’s up to the PITS to investigate, proving to the government that they can do their jobs, while battling supernatural supremacist, The Cult of Many Faces, as he tries to destroy the peace between human and monster.

Starring Ellen Patterson, Kenny Boyle, Billy Kirkwood, Catriona Joss, Colin McCredie, Caitlin Blackwood, Simon Weir, Chris Bain, Rachell Teate, James Payton, Leona Vaughan, Sarah Louise Madison, Kirsty Strain, Katrina Bryan, Caitlin Gillespie, Mark Harvey, Alan Mclean and Sophie Aldred.

Sophie Aldred’s character, Lady Audrey MacDairmid, in action!

Winner of “Best Web Series” at the Los Angeles Film Awards August 2016, ‘Cops and Monsters’ has managed to secure stars from ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Wolfblood’ to guest in their episodes.

‘Cops and Monsters’ has funded 6 episodes so far, with Episodes 1-4 available to watch at, Episodes 5 and 6 currently in production, and a Christmas special in the works.

You can support the ‘Cops and Monsters’ Christmas episode by grabbing a perk at

These perks include:

❉ A copy of the script, signed by cast and crew
❉ A copy of the Christmas episode on DVD
❉ Cops and Monsters mugs
❉ Cops and Monsters key-rings
❉ Cops and Monsters posters
❉ Signed photos from the cast and crew
❉ Personalised PITS ID badges
❉ Associate Producer credits on the episode and on IMDb
❉ Executive Producer credits on the episode and on IMDb

Check out the ‘Cops and Monsters’ Comic Con Sizzle Reel screened at the Comic Con Panel at MCM Scotland, with added clips from two new upcoming episodes:

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