New CD of 15 ‘lost songs’ written by Jake Thackray

❉ Lost Songs of Jake Thackray, new recordings by John Watterson.

‘Jake Thackray’s songs are funny, poignant, witty, tricky, romantic and wise. John Watterson brings these wonderful songs to a new public who will no doubt love them as much as Jake’s old fans It is marvellous that Jake’s treasured songs ride again. They are in safe hands.’ – Ralph McTell

Jake Thackray’s biographer, John Watterson, has recently announced the release of ‘The LOST Will and Testament of Jake Thackray’, an album of new recordings of lost songs by Jake.

It is an historic release for any admirer of Thackray’s work, and the most significant addition to the writer’s catalogue for over a decade.

Most of the album’s fifteen songs have never been released in any format before. Many have lain, forgotten, in the BBC archives for decades; some have not been heard for half a century.

John Watterson has performed the songs of Jake Thackray at festivals, concerts, clubs, after dinner venues and – most specially – to members of Jake’s family.

Carol Munro, of, says:

John is a talented guitarist and vocalist and has that engaging quality that makes you want to listen to his performance. When you wrap these ingredients up in the songs of Jake Thackray the result is a highly entertaining, heartfelt tribute to one of the finest songwriters of the 20th century.

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❉ Source: Hat-tip to Nick Campbell.

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