New Batman Horror Short ‘1987: Blood Of The Bat’

❉ Cult film icon Laurence R. Harvey returns as The Penguin in upcoming Batman horror fan film.

The producers of upcoming short Batman horror fan film 1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT have just launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo and shared a new teaser trailer, which you can watch below:

1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT stars Lee Charles (Gangs of London, The Batman, The Flash) as BATMAN, Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede sequels) as The Penguin, as well as former WWE Superstar Paul London coming on board to play Nightwing.

Laurence R. Harvey as The Penguin

The film is a sequel to the neon ‘80s Batman/Punisher fan film ‘1986’. Click here to watch ‘1986’ on YouTube if you haven’t already…

Behind the scenes of 1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT with Lee Charles (Gangs of London, The Batman, The Flash) as BATMAN and DOP Sam Walker. Photo: Shane Hicks.

Producer Geoff Woodham says:

“We always wanted to come back and do another BATMAN fan film – but it would always depend on what type of story we would want to make… we now have one – and we’re very excited for you all to see it!

‘1986’ was a neon, action short film, heavily influenced by John Carpenter and the early works of Michael Mann and James Cameron… as well as an obvious love of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

With ‘1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT’ we’re going down a darker path with the sole aim of making a kick-ass Horror/Action short film that will hopefully blow people away…

Who doesn’t want to see BATMAN kill some VAMPIRES!!!”

Behind the scenes of 1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT. Photo: Shane Hicks.

❉ Click here to check out the Indiegogo Campaign page for 1987: BLOOD OF THE BAT to find out more about pledges and perks:

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