‘Monkee Music: Second Edition’ Kickstarter campaign

❉ Writer Andrew Hickey is updating his definitive guide to the Monkees’ music – but he needs your support!


We Are Cult contributor and incredibly gifted published writer Andrew Hickey is updating his definitive guide to the music of the Monkees, but he needs your support.

The first edition of ‘Monkee Music’ told you everything you need to know about the Monkees’ music, whether you are a hardcore fan or just dipping your toe into their discography – the bulk of which remains in print and accessible thanks to Warner Music Group and Rhino Records.

But, with the Monkees having delivered the feelgood hit of the summer with ‘Good Times!’, and other recorded ventures still to be documented, in Hickey’s words “It’s time for a new edition of the book.”

Andrew Hickey writes:

Five years ago, I published the book Monkee Music, an unofficial guide to the music of the Monkees. A lot has changed in those five years. Davy Jones died, Michael Nesmith rejoined the band, a new album came out, and now Michael Nesmith has played what he says will be his last ever Monkees show.

It’s time for a new edition of the book.

In Monkee Music second edition, I will add new chapters for Good Times!, for the pre-Monkees music by Davy and “Michael Blessing” included on the The Monkees deluxe box, and the Present and Instant Replay boxes released since the book’s release. I will also revise and expand some of the other chapters, fixing errors, and totally rework the chapter on Pool It!

As a stretch goal, if backing reaches £1500, I will include the cast recording of The Point featuring Micky and Davy, Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, and more.

The risks are minimal. This is a second edition of a book I’ve already written and published — only the new material needs writing, and I have written many books of this nature before. Assuming no health problems so bad that I am physically unable to type, there should be no risks

By pledging via the Kickstarter page, you – yes, YOU! Dear reader! – can help bring this new edition to fruition, an updated, revised, essential compendium to the much-loved band’s discography, right up to ‘Good Times!’. This expanded edition of the book ‘Monkee Music’, will incorporate new pieces on ‘Good Times!’, ‘The Point’, Davy Jones’ first solo album and more. It’s a must-have.

We Are Cult personally endorse this Kickstarter campaign: Andrew Hickey is a writer of note – in addition to the first edition of the essential ‘Monkee Music’, Andrew has also penned equally authoritative, critical and insightful discographies of the Kinks, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles’ mono albums, as well as the brilliant novels ‘Head of State’ and ‘Sci-ence! Justice Leak!’ – he is also keeper of a must-read blog and dedicated Twitter profile.

I’m a believer – aren’t you? Pool it!

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❉ This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, Jan 6 2017.

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