Micky Dolenz’s ‘The MGM Singles Collection’ – expanded and on CD for the first time

❉ Full details of the expanded Micky Dolenz’s ‘The MGM Singles Collection’, making its CD debut, have been announced.

Joe Marchese at Second Disc has posted full details of the first CD release of Micky Dolenz’s ‘The MGM Singles Collection’, featuring the original ten tracks and twelve bonus cuts.


Second Disc reports:

“For its CD debut, The MGM Singles Collection adds twelve rare and out-of-print bonus tracks to bring Micky’s story up to the present day, including “Chance of a Lifetime” and “Living on Lies” from his first single release in 33 years (released on vinyl by 7a this past Record Store Day); and “Porpoise Song/Good Morning, Good Morning,” “Randy Scouse Git” and “Crying in the Rain” from his 2016 collaborative vinyl EP with Circe Link and Christian Nesmith (sold out in 7a’s pressing released earlier this year). Reissue producer and radio host Iain Lee’s exclusive interview is also featured, along with a stereo alternate version of Harry Nilsson’s “Daybreak” and four additional single rarities: “Love Light” and “Alicia” from a 1979 Chrysalis single, and “To Be or Not to Be” and “Beverly Hills” from a 1981 release on the Japan All Round Music Company label. (This impressive disc rounds up virtually all of Dolenz’s single sides between 1971 and 2016, with just a couple of exceptions.) All of the recordings were transferred from the original master tapes, except for four tracks where the original masters could no longer be located. These four tracks were painstakingly restored from original vinyl sources. Dave Blackman has freshly remastered every song for remarkable sound.”

❉ Read the full post including complete track listing here: http://theseconddisc.com/2016/09/21/daybreak-dolenz-mickys-mgm-singles-expanded-cd-premiere/

❉’The MGM Singles Collection’ will be released on October 14, 2016 by 7a Records, the all-things-Monkees label founded by Iain Lee and Glenn Gretlund.

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