Merry EvMas: Cuddly Ken remembered

❉ The anarchic genius of Kenny Everett, on what would have been his 72nd birthday.

December 25 isn’t just Christmas, it’s EvMas! We Are Cult celebrates the genius of the fondly-remembered Kenny Everett with a selection of clips (in sound and vision) from his mercurial, anarchic and gleefully subversive career, from highlights of his innovative radio career to some of his memorable TV appearances. It’s all in the best possible taste!

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❉ Kenny Everett closes down Wonderful Radio London for the evening in 1965

❉ Kenny Everett’s version of Eleanor Rigby.

❉ The Beatles, Kenny Everett and Chris Denning all together on the wireless machine.

❉ Kenny Everett’s single, It’s Been So Long, released in 1968.

❉ Kenny Everett – Musical Workshop – Apple Acetate: In celebration of Tea.

❉ Kenny Everett sings ‘Julia’ by The Beatles (Radio 1, 1969)

❉ BBC Radio 4’s Pick of the Week listens back to Kenny Everett’s appearance on Start the Week.

❉ Kenny Everett on BBC Radio 4, Boxing Day 1972.

 Kenny Everett airs Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time on his show on Capital Radio, 1975.

❉ Part of a 1979 interview with Kenny Everett on BBC Radio Merseyside.

❉ Kenny Everett advertising voiceover outtakes (VERY SWEARY!)

❉ Here comes Captain Kremmen! (“He’s so hunky!”) Let’s tread boldly!

Kenny Everett on ‘Blankety Blank’, 20 December 1979, with fellow guests Roy Kinnear, Lorraine Chase, Henry Cooper, Thora Hird and Karen Kay.

❉ Kenny Everett interviewing the Bee Gees – Kenny plays Barry, Robin, Maurice and the interviewer.

❉ Kenny ‘Dung Heap’ Everett & David ‘Pimple Puss’ Essex – “Watch”

❉ Kenny Everett and Rod Stewart (plus ‘Spiderman’ quickie)

❉ Is that Hinge & Bracket? No, it’s Kenny Everett & Billy Connolly!

❉ Kenny Everett introduces ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’.

❉ Kenny Everett as “Cupid Stunt” on ‘Parkinson’, 1982.

❉ “Do you have a dark abyss; do you long for a light-shaft?” ‘Up Your Way’ with Verity Treacle.

❉ ‘The Kenny Everett Show’ – various quickies  featuring the lovely Kenny Everett and Cleo Rocos.

❉ From June 16 1988, Kenny Everett hosted Brainstorm. Here’s part one of the July 14 1988 edition:

❉ Ken on ‘Saturday Night Clive’, 1 December 1990.

❉ David Bowie talks to Jonathan Ross about working with Kenny Everett.

❉ You can enjoy more archival Kenny Everett on Transdiffusion‘s Kenny Everett page.

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