Men behaving sadly: Meet the ‘Anoraks’

❉ ‘Anoraks’, a web-based sitcom “from fans, to fans”, launches its Kickstarter campaign.


‘Anoraks’ is a web-based sitcom series about three well-seasoned Doctor Who/SF fans living in Cardiff.

The show pokes affectionate fun at their peculiar interests, their dysfunctional relationships, their rivalries and their heartbreaks.

Filming a scene at the Village Hotel, Swansea (Photo: James Gent)

Last Saturday (24th September), ‘Anoraks’ received a special screening of two episodes at the much-loved Doctor Who convention ‘Regenerations’ in Swansea, where it was warmly received by attendees present.

Filming also took place over the weekend at the venue, capturing the ‘men behaving sadly’ in their natural habitat, complete with guest cameos by convention favourites.

Around the same time, the ‘Anoraks’ Kickstarter campaign went live, where you can help fund their half-hour season finale, which will feature A Very Special Guest Star.

Darren Floyd, series writer and creator explains how ‘Anoraks’ came to be:

The idea for ‘Anoraks’ came from seeing S-F and Doctor Who fans portrayed in the media. Inevitably we’d be dressed long scarfs or some other costume, be single and have the social graces of a sponge. While funny, the actual truth of being a fan is more complex, and far far funnier. ‘Anoraks’ is an affectionate look at a world within a world – a journey of three semi-self-aware fans and the affect their weird interest has on their lives and those of their partners.

I’m very fortunate to know many talented and creative people within fandom. When I explained the concept of the series, it brought together an excellent family of cast and crew.

A lot of what happens in the series comes from the experiences of the writers, director and the actors. This is meant to be a warm tribute to fandom in all of it’s colours – “from fans, to fans”. As one of our characters says, “Everyone’s a fan of something”, and that is true, whether it’s sport, model cars or stamp collecting. This leaves lot of room for comedy gold about men and all their weird hobbies!

Director Ed Sinclair, actors Brian Smith and Sean Carlsen and writer Darren Floyd at ‘Regenerations’ (Photo: Steve O’Brien)

Director, Ed Sinclair, says:

Officially we will be starting the run of nine (probably ten) episodes on that very special date of November 23rd – each episode will be available on a weekly basis on our official website,

Watch out for the antics of the anoraks – coming soon!

❉ You can find out more about ‘Anoraks’ on the official website, and check out the show’s Kickstarter campaign. You can also follow ‘Anoraks’ on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be present for the preview screening at Swansea. I found this a very funny series with great potential and I’m really looking forward to it’s launch.
    I’m not someone who ever watches ‘fan films’, but this after previewing rough cuts of two episodes, I’ll be making a point of watching the whole series, probably several times over, and recommending it to all other fans I love.
    It seems obvious to me that this series is a cut above all others of it’s type and I send you guys hearty congratulations for crafting something so entertaining. I wish you every success

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