Mabig Film Festival 2022

❉ The third annual Mabig Film Festival presented worldwide award-winning films at Augsburg’s Il Gladiatore.

Filmmakers and actors with Festival Director Andreea Boyer (seated, left)

Mabig Film Festival, founded and organized by Mabig Movies Festival Director Andreea Boyer, held its third annual event on November 3, 2022 in the Bavarian city of Augsburg. Despite the difficult coronavirus environment, Ms. Boyer was able to successfully hold the festival again this year, in compliance with COVID-19 safety measures.

“I started my Mabig Film Festival in Bavaria, Germany, to invite international filmmakers to submit their films on Filmfreeway for their films to be viewed and it’s a live screenings event, where I am showing the winning and also the nominated films from all categories & genres of feature films: Short films, documentary films, student films, etc.”, Andreea previously told We Are Cult. “Our focus is to enlarge everyone’s perspective of films by giving international filmmakers an equal chance to have their films neutrally analysed and valued by the festival judges”,

„Völkerball 42“’s Lars Krone and Lina Bullwinkel (right) in attendance at Mabig Film Festival, Augsburg.

There was a touch of Hollywood as national and international filmmakers including were welcomed at Augsburg’s stylish Il Gladiatore restaurant, hotel and wine bar, where they presented their works. The event was ceremoniously opened at 6:00 P.M. and ended around midnight with numerous pleased filmmakers receiving one or more awards. After the films were shown, they were praised and discussed at length by the filmmakers and guests.

The filmmakers who attended the event to present their films:

Constantin Weber & Wolfgang Himmler with “Nimmerland”

Constantin Weber & Wolfgang Himmler (“Nimmerland“)

Young Ella has to witness as others torture and cynically abuse love as their power: Her big sister Wendy fell in love with Peter, who forced her into prostitution as the relationship developed. To protect herself, Ella imagines herself as part of a fairy tale she knows – a truly mystical story.

Simon Haseneder with “Apple Pie” (Category: Best Short Film)

Simon Haseneder (“Apple Pie“)

Shortfilm “Apfelkuchen” (“Apple Pie“): Watch here

Lars Krone with “Völkerball 42“

Lars Krone, Lina Bullwinkel („Völkerball 42“)

Synopsis: SS officer Friedrich Gehrle (Lars Krone) and an opponent of the regime, young woman Johanna Bichl (Lina Maria Bullwinkel), meet in an interrogation room of the redoubtable Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei). Attitude and conviction test attitude and conscience. Watch here.

Eve Wiemer and Dieter Oeding with “Elena’s Loneliness” (Category: Animation Short Film)

Dieter Oeding, Eve Wiemer and friend 🐶 (“Elena’s Loneliness”)

Synopsis: Elena, a young woman, is isolated in the Pandemic. She goes to a disco for dancing and becomes infected with the virus. Watch “Elena’s Loneliness” on Vimeo.

Julien Klink, Vincent Klink , Valentin Wiggenhauser with film “Virus“

Julien Klink, Vincent Klink, Valentin Wiggenhauser (“Virus“)

Synopsis: When Franzi and Vincent meet each other during the first Covid-19 lock down, everything seems well. But when everyone has to wear a mask, how can you be certain whom you are talking with?

One of the noteworthy winners was the short film When The Rain Sets In by director James Hughes, who has already filmed for Hollywood studios and is a spokesperson for BAFTA in London. Mr. Hughes was awarded “Best Drama Film” and “Best Director.” Mr. Hughes’ previous films have been shown at 250 film festivals, including Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festivals, and his award-winning production company, Sunset Aperture, have shot projects internationally with teams on six continents.

After the long evening, Ms. Andreea Boyer was clearly happy that the festival could be held successfully again this year and that there were many proud and joyous winners present. Ms. Boyer is happy about every single submission received and award presented, declaring herself to be “grateful for the numerous submissions and the interesting and varied films that could be shown.”

For listings of the films awarded at the festival, visit the Mabig Film Festival 2022 Awards page on IMDb

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